Idaho’s lieutenant governor issues vaccine executive order while gov is away; Little says he will rescind it


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Lieutenant Gov. Janice McGatchin wants to oust Governor Brad Little in 2022

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Idaho Lieutenant Gov. Janice McGetchin on Tuesday issued an executive order banning vaccine mandates and required coronavirus testing in schools and colleges in the state, prompting Governor Brad Little to say he asked her to act on her behalf. was not authorized. US-Mexico border.

Little said he would “revoke” any executive orders from McGatchchin while he is away and he is acting governor, including this week’s attempt to send National Guard troops to the border.


“I am performing my duties as the duly elected Governor of Idaho in Texas, and I have not authorized the Lieutenant Governor to act on my behalf,” Little said in a statement Tuesday. “When I return, I will revoke and reverse any action taken by the Lieutenant Governor.” He is expected to return to the state on Wednesday.

In Idaho, the governor and lieutenant governor do not run on the same ticket and McGatchin and Little have been beheaded before. She is also running for governor in 2022.

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When Little was out of state in May, she issued an executive order banning masks that Little did when she returned, ending up saying those decisions were left to local officials.

The new executive order prohibits employers from requiring their employees to vaccinate against COVID-19 and is an extension of a litany issued in April that banned state facilities, including schools, according to Idaho Statesman.

Fight between Idaho governor and lieutenant over vaccination

McGatchin said he had “fixed” the order. “I will continue to fight for your personal freedom!” He tweeted.

The Commanding General of the Idaho National Guard, Major General Michael J. Garshak also said that acting Governor McGatchin does not have the authority to send the National Guard to the border.

McGatchin disputed that claim, writing to Garshak on Tuesday, “My constitutional authority as governor grants me the power to activate the Idaho National Guard. As Adjutant General, I ask you to activate the National Guard.” I am requesting information on the necessary steps for the protector.”

Garshak replied hours later, “I am unaware of any requests for Idaho National Guard assistance under the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC) from Texas or Arizona. As you know, the Idaho National Guard is not a law enforcement agency. “

Little was meeting with nine other Republican governors in Texas this week to discuss the crisis at the border.

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