Hundreds of GE workers in New York walk off the job over vaccine mandate


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The demonstration follows several other protests by GE employees in several states over the vaccine mandate

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A few hundred General Electric employees quit Friday at a company facility in Schenectady, New York, to protest against the firm asking all US employees to be vaccinated for COVID-19 or face termination, according to new reports. needed.

The demonstration is the latest in several protests by GE employees in several states since the firm announced the need for vaccinations.


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GE announced the mandate last week, along with other large employers, to force vaccines for workers to comply with the Biden administration’s deadline for all federal contractors to fully vaccinate the workforce by December 8. obliged to

On Wednesday, dozens of people, including GE employees, protested outside a company facility in Lafayette, Indiana. center square.

Then on Thursday, about 100 GE workers walk out of a plant in Greenville, South Carolina, over the need for a vaccine. There have also been reports of demonstrations by GE employees in Ohio.

New York is expected to be the largest protest ever.

Mikhail Singleton of WTEN-TV reported that Schenectady’s workforce totaled more than 200, and provided a photo of the group marching around a sign with the GE logo outside the plant.

Biden’s vaccine mandate is ‘absolutely illegal’: attorney

Footage shared by WNYT-TV’s Jonathan Hunter shows protesting workers carrying “Don’t Trade On Me” flags.

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