Huge homecoming parties result in arrests, fines across Canadian college towns


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Halifax – On Monday at several large campuses across Canada, the morning chatter was not about classwork or assignments. Instead, the students traded gossip about some of the big parties that took place over the weekend.

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Thousands of post-secondary students packed the streets in Guelph, Ont., London, Ont. and Halifax on Saturday, breaking liquor laws, COVID-19 restrictions and, in some cases, property.

But as police in Halifax, some students got hangovers from homecoming more than for their efforts 10 people arrested by issuing tickets for public intoxication. police in london Multiple fines by arresting one person. partying in guelph limited to tickets and fines.

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College town’s rowdy may not be new, but the public’s patience seems to have evaporated during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Enjoy the hearing of the fine and the ensuing academic discipline you rightfully deserve,” Guelph Mayor Cam Guthrie tweeted Saturday.

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Halifax City Councilor Wei Mason blamed the high number of first-year students as a result of the number of high school graduates who postponed post-secondary studies amid the pandemic.

“You have twice the population of students who have no basis in adult behavior in public,” he told Granthshala National News.

one in News releaseDalhousie University has advised those, who called it an “unrestricted” and “illegal” event, to get tested for COVID-19 and “not to engage in classes or normal campus activities for a week”. “

Dalhousie’s student union hit back saying the incident could have been foreseen and prevented by criticizing the school administration.

“Dalhousie currently has a dry policy on campus. You are not allowed visitors into the residence,” student union president Madeleine H. Stinson told Granthshala National News. “We know the students were going to the party and Dalhousie made it so they can’t do it on campus.”

Meanwhile, Halifax police are investigating the weekend’s incidents and said it could result in charges. Dalhousie has threatened to fine or even expel the students who participated in the party.


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