Houston police union demands judge resign after officer killed by ‘habitual’ offender: ‘Blood on your hands’


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Texas gunman kills one officer, leaves another seriously injured with violent criminal history

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Houston’s police union is calling for the resignation of a judge after an officer was killed and another sergeant seriously injured – arguing that the alleged gunmen who were killed could never be killed given their violent criminal history. Should not have been allowed to get out of jail on even lesser bond.

Houston Police Officers Union President Douglas Griffith is blasting Harris County’s 208th District Court Judge Greg Glass after a fatal shooting early Monday as officers assigned to the Major Offenders Division to serve narcotics-related warrants. Arrived at a house at 5350 Aeropark Drive.


“We are calling for his resignation,” Griffith told Granthshala News Digital on Tuesday. “The community is getting more and more outraged. This is the 138th person, one of our officers, who has been killed by someone for multiple felonies in the last two years.”

A woman answered the door earlier Monday, and officers asked to speak with 30-year-old Dion Ledett, who immediately came out and opened fire on police, Officer William “Bill” Jeffrey, the force’s nearly 31-year-old. Experienced officers, at times, said the police. Jeffrey succumbed to his injuries, and a second officer, Sgt. Michael Vance was seriously injured. The officers retaliated and Ledette was also killed.

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Houston Veteran Police Officer Killed, Another Injured While Serving Narcotics Warrant, Says Chief

“Just following the recommendation of the DA office, he [Ledet] “He would still be in jail pending his trial,” Griffith told Granthshala News Digital. “the problem is that” [Glass] There will be no trial, so he releases everyone on bond.”

“We are doing everything possible to make him do the right thing,” he said in a phone interview. “There are over a thousand cases in which he has done that. Exactly the same thing. He hasn’t tested in over a year, claiming it’s due to COVID. Other judges have gone ahead with the tests. There are ways to do it safely. He’s just not choosing.”

Ledette’s criminal history includes 18 arrests since the age of 18, including felony charges, theft, evading arrest, and assault with a deadly weapon. His latest was in November 2020 when he was captured with intent to serve a charge in a narcotics case.

On November 17, 2020, the Harris County District Attorney’s office requested a hearing to deny bail to Ledette on two drug-related charges, according to court documents tweeted by the union. Griffith said Ledett had served two prior terms at the Texas Department of Corrections for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. But the judge instead awarded bonds of $10,000 and $20,000.

“When Dion Ledett was charged with trafficking in cocaine and methamphetamine (2020), he was facing life in prison as a true habitual offender,” the union tweeted. “Ledette had made two prior prison visits for egg assault, among several other charges. The DA’s office requested a ‘no bond’.”

Did not show leadt for pretrial services to install ankle monitor. So the judge called him back to court for a warning, and Glass again allowed Ledette to post the bond, Union said. Ledette later failed to appear in court and her bond was eventually revoked.

The union tweeted, “Dion Ledette secured bail and yet his bond is not revoked. Ledette fled and was never seen in court again.” “Judge Greg Glass doesn’t care. This is one low case to avoid looking into. There are over 1000+ felony warrants in the court of ‘Judge’ Glass.”

“This blood is on your hands, Greg Glass. Shame on you,” Union said.

Griffith also addressed the judge directly in a tweet on Tuesday, writing that Glass was “please know that the incompetence you have shown in your job has gone unnoticed. All from the 208th District Court.” One should approach and ask the judge how it happened.”

Another tweet from the union said, “Judge Greg Glass’s short tenure on the 208th District Court in Harris County has been a huge failure.” “Greg Glass doesn’t care about criminal justice nor the safety of our community. This isn’t the first time he’s made news for equal treatment.”

Vance’s condition is critical but stable. After speaking with Vance’s wife Monday evening, Griffith told Granthshala News Digital that she was told the officer had multiple sprains in his abdominal area and needed surgery to repair part of his intestines. He also got another round in his hip. Griffith said he probably had a fractured hip at the time, but doctors aren’t sure because X-rays have been delayed in surgery.

The arrangements for Jeffrey’s funeral are currently being finalized.

“We want to ask everyone in our country to keep them in their prayers and their families,” Griffith told Granthshala News Digital. “These two are good family men and their families are taking it really, really hard.”

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