Hotel thriving post-COVID after owner takes big risk


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Rams Head Inn on iconic Shelter Island in NY turns a profit after hiring out-of-state workers

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When Andrea Carter saw that Rams Head Inn, a beautiful waterfront property on the iconic Shelter Island in New York, was for sale in April, she knew it was the opportunity of a lifetime.

“Chaos creates a lot of opportunities,” Carter said on “Warney & Company.” Thursday. “So I thought I’d suck up the courage, have some inner patience and just go ahead and trust people.”


Taking a huge risk to rebuild, renovate and reopen the space post-COVID, Carter was forced to hire out-of-state workers because it was “too hard to find local workers.” “Proved.

“We definitely get them from Puerto Rico, California, Boston, Philadelphia,” Carter told Granthshala Business’ Stuart Varney.

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In addition, she hired a team of Florida craftsmen who worked 20-hour days for two weeks.

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To maintain morale and motivate employees, Carter used hotel rooms and private gardens to provide accommodation and food.

After converting the basement into a spa, Carter offered massages and additional health treatments.

Carter pointed out that taking the gamble on hiring non-local workers is paying off.

“We’re profitable. We’ve been very, very lucky,” Carter expressed. “We really focused on this being a gathering place, a special kind of social space that was inclusive as well as exclusive.”

However, other businesses across the country haven’t been as lucky, even if it means bigger pay for workers.

During an interview with Granthshala Business’ Connell McShane that aired on “Warney & Company.” On Thursday, Phage Technologies CEO Nick Kingsbury explained that unprecedented labor shortages are still affecting his business.

Kingsbury said, “We’ve had significant growth, a more than 15% increase in pay … even though we come with bonus programs … we still have a large number of employees coming in and staying through the door.” are not capable.”

Still, Carter looks forward to the coming holiday season to conclude.

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Carter said, “We’re still booking weddings, if you can believe that, in December. We have a lot of family gatherings and corporate outings, I mean, for several days at a time.”

In Carter’s own words, the future of Rams Head Inn is looking very good.

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