Hooters servers take to TikTok to protest skimpy new shorts


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Some servers complain that the new Hooters shorts are too revealing and uncomfortable

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Several Hooters servers have taken to TikTok complaining about the new short shorts some places have released as part of their uniforms, with the resounding message that skimpy articles don’t even qualify as shorts. And Patties are like Skeevy.

But they are shedding light on the situation.


“What should fit?” User @ggnguyen wrote, posting the video with over three million views. In the clip, she clutches the new teeny-tiny bottoms under the caption, “Oh…I know it’s not my new uniform shorts.”

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Another video posted by @eastencierabrewer shows a pair of Hooters waitresses donning their new shorts, “This ain’t no PG sh*t, this is sh*t rated porn.”

User @gracie.herrick garnered over 1.4 million views for her video, where she’s wearing the new shorts she calls “like underwear.” She also featured footage showing the backs of the new shorts, which are more revealing than the bottoms released by previous Hooters.

Nevertheless, some servers have expressed their approval for the uniform showing more cheekbones. TikTok user @amandaa5015 showed off a pair of hers from work with the message, “I really like the new shorts.”

Despite the server’s sentiments, it appears that wearing their former uniform is not an option if they want to keep their jobs.

In a hooter’s policy notice received by New York Post, workers were told that “from October 4, all Hooters girls must wear new shorts while working after coming into the store,” and that “old shorts should not be worn.”

In the notice, “Hooters also warned that waitresses and bartenders who feel ‘uncomfortable’ about the smaller new trunk mandate are welcome to submit their resignation letters,” the outlet reported.

the hooters

Hooters of America, LLC, told Granthshala Business in a statement that they appreciate both positive and negative feedback regarding tattoos, jewelry, nails, hairstyles, as well as a more friendly and inclusive image policy on the new uniforms. To incorporate new top styles, add shorts and socks.”

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The company stated that “the new uniforms were the result of a collaboration with Hooters Girls,” and “these uniforms have been worn for months in several markets in Texas and have received highly favorable reviews from both Hooters Girls and customers.”

“We will continue to work with employees to ensure that the new uniforms are sized correct and comfortable and reflect existing styles,” HOA said.

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