Herschel Walker: ‘It’s very important to have the backing of President Trump’


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‘I know I’m the better man for the job’, says Walker about Senate run

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U.S. Senate candidate Herschel Walker, R-Ga., discusses support for former President Trump as he prepares for the Senate’s fight to restore America’s values, arguing that “Granthshala and Friends Weekend” It’s time for someone who cares about the country during an appearance on ” Sunday.

herschel walker: It’s very important to have the support of President Trump, because I think President Trump knows I can get the job done here in Georgia. You know, I’ve known President Trump for a long time. It’s not like he knows me just to say that he wants me to run for that Senate seat. But he’s known me since the early ’80s that he knows I’m going to Washington and I’ll do what’s right.


Trump turns up the heat in attacks on top Georgia republics, touts pro-Trump candidates

You know, I don’t know if Raphael Warnock is a Marxist, but I do know that I am the better man for the job. I think he has a position for a while. And now the time has come for someone to care about America.

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You know, it’s one of the basic things that I think we need to keep people in the office. He had to care about America first. They have to care about the constitution. They had to care about our fundamental rights. Those are the things we are missing right now.

Watch the full interview below:

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