Heckler interrupts Kamala Harris speech in Bronx, gets escorted out


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Kamala Harris tells man, ‘I’ll talk after giving my remarks’

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Vice President Kamala Harris was giving a speech in the Bronx when a protester stood up and started shouting something about climate change, drowning and “infrastructure rights.”

“You’re right, brother,” replied Harris.


“I’m right about that,” the man shouted back.

“I know you are, and that’s how you and I talk about it —” Harris said.

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Did Kamala Harris Violate Federal Law in Virginia?

The protester then asked him about China’s Belt and Road Initiative, although the exact nature of the question was difficult to understand.

“You and I will talk after you make your remarks, and I’m happy to talk to you,” Harris said.

As a security agent escorted the man out of the room, Harris said that “everyone gets a chance to talk, and everyone gets a chance to be heard.”

Some in the crowd clapped as the man was carried away.

Harris was pushing the administration’s Build Back Better spending agenda, which President Biden has signaled recently as high as $1.9 trillion.

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