Greenwald: Facebook whistleblower is being embraced by liberals intent on controlling political discourse


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“The Democrats make no secret of their intention to co-opt Silicon Valley power,” Greenwald wrote.

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Journalist Glenn Greenwald thinks Facebook whistleblowers are a tool to block content that “hurts the sensibilities and beliefs of Democratic Party leaders and their liberal followers.”

one in substack entry title“Democrats and the Media Don’t Want to Undermine Facebook, Just Commander It’s Power to Censor,” wrote Greenwald, as whistleblower Frances Hogen is being embraced by the left as she helps advance the quest for greater control over online political discourse. helps.


“Democrats make no secret of their intention to co-opt Silicon Valley’s power in police political discourse and silence their enemies,” Greenwald wrote. “Haugen is his latest tool to exploit his scheme to use the power of social media giants to control political discourse according to his own views and interests.”

Whistleblower says Facebook is a US ‘national security issue’

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Haugen, a former civilian project manager for Facebook’s misinformation team, which leaked internal corporate documents to the Wall Street Journal for a series of damaging reports against the social media giant, told the MPs On Tuesday she admits her former employer is “an issue of national security”.

Haugen also said that Facebook is not only aware that its platform harms US security interests and the well-being of minors who use the platform, but that the site relies on negative interactions to increase engagement.

Greenwald agrees that companies such as Facebook and Google are a “grave threat”, but noted that platforms such as cable news and fashion magazines also spread misinformation, cause body image obsession among young girls and political content. polarize. He also said social media companies censored news that could be harmful to then-candidate Joe Biden and “united to effectively remove” former President Donald Trump from the Internet.

According to Greenwald, Haugen has been the media heroine du jour, but the freelance journalist does not think her leanings have anything to do with the “real threats” facing the country.

Sen. Blackburn: Drug cartels, sex traffickers use Facebook for ‘malafide intention’

“Congress has taken no steps to curb the influence of these Silicon Valley giants as Facebook and Google have doused the establishment wing of both parties with huge amounts of cash and pay off well-connected lobbyists who are involved in their campaigns.” There are friends and former allies of prominent lawmakers for using DC influence to block reform,” Greenwald wrote. “With the exception of a few stalwarts, the ruling wing of any party really has no objection to this monopoly power, as long as it is exercised to further its own interests.”

Greenwald thinks Facebook’s real political problem is not that “they are too powerful, but that they are not using that power enough to censor content from the Internet that sensitizes Democratic Party leaders and their liberal followers.” and hurt the beliefs of those who now control the White House, the entire executive branch and both houses of Congress.”

Greenwald noted that Haugen is being “directed” by a longtime Obama operative and has explicitly indicated that his beef with Facebook is by refusing to remove content labeled as “hate violence and misinformation.” Which is in line with the leftist agenda.

Facebook defends global key security practices: Most people ‘feel pretty safe and secure on our platform’

Agitating for more online censorship has been a major priority for the Democratic Party ever since they blamed social media platforms … for the 2016 defeat of Hillary Clinton, the rightful heir to the White House throne, he wrote. ” they wrote. “This craving for censorship has escalated into an even more immediate preference for their corporate media allies, not because of the same belief that Facebook helped elect Trump, but also because free speech on social media gives them access to information. Keeps a grip on the flow. Allows normal, non-certified serfs to challenge, question and dispute their orders, or to build a large audience they cannot control.”

Greenwald then detailed Democrats who have urged tech giants to censor more political speech in the past and provided a poll that shows Democrats support Internet censorship.

“This, and this alone, is the only reason why so much adoration is being built around the cult of this new disgruntled Facebook employee,” he wrote. “What she provides is, above all, a telegenic and seemingly ‘insider’ face to let Americans know that Facebook creates too much conversation among laymen, by allowing too much content to go uncensored.” By allowing them to destroy their country and their world.”

Granthshala News’ Caitlin McFall contributed to this report.

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