Granthshala Nation offering First Responders free subscription, new content honoring America’s heroes


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First responders can enjoy free access to four new specials honoring the work they do

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Starting today, all active first responders will be required to use the . have the opportunity to enjoy a free year of Granthshala Nation.

NS streaming service, supplementing Granthshala News Channel with a variety of content—from true crime stories to faith-focused features and historical documentaries—currently in EMS, police, or firefighting capabilities.


Granthshala Nation, with the goal of honoring our nation’s heroes, is also releasing four new specials this week — each honoring the varied and valiant efforts made by those who sacrificed their lives for their fellow Americans. Gave. There are now three specials available to stream starting today: 911: On The Scenehandjob answer the call, And when the seconds count. a fourth special, protect and serve, will be available to watch on the app from Tuesday.

What to watch: Make it a September to remember with new Granthshala Nation content

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‘911: On Scene’ – Monday, 9/12 . available to stream
When you call 911, first responders run to danger – while everyone else is on the run. ‘911: On Scene’ takes you along for a ride from coast to coast with America’s firefighters, EMTs and paramedics. It’s a special glimpse into the world of heroes who answer our calls for help every day.

‘answer the call’ – Monday, 9/12 . available to stream
Answer the Call is a non-profit organization that provides financial aid and assistance to the families of New York City First Responders who have died in the line of duty. To date, the organization supports over 550 families by providing them financial support from day one for the rest of their lives. These families are the memories of the brave individuals who risked their lives to save us. While they have suffered immeasurable losses, how they move on and those who help them along the way are inspirational.

Granthshala Nation will also donate $5 answer the call With a maximum donation of $50,000 from each new customer during the week of September 13-20.

‘When Seconds Count’ – Monday, 9/12 . available to stream
Hosted by Granthshala News’ Harris Faulkner. Each day, the first responder is assigned the task of being the hero. Witness the dramatic rescues caught on tape across the country: from burning buildings, to swimming pools to treacherous hiking trails. These are the stories of men and women who answer calls and who know how to react when the seconds count.

‘Protect and Serve’ – Tuesday, 9/13 . available to stream
Criminal defense attorney and Granthshala News contributor Ted Williams hosts “Protect and Serve,” which highlights cops caught on camera performing incredible defense and Good Samaritan acts of kindness.

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If you are a current first responder, sign up Granthshala Nation Now for your free access to all these specials and more!

Granthshala Nation Programs can be viewed on-demand and from your mobile device app, but only for Granthshala Nation customers. Visit Granthshala Nation Click here to start a free trial and view an extensive library from your favorite Granthshala News personalities.

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