Granthshala Business premieres ‘American Dream Home’; California couple finds oasis in Key West


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Ty and Shelley found their dream home in the Florida Keys

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at the premiere of Granthshala Business’ new primetime programamerican dream home“, host Cheryl Cassone Chronicles a married couple’s search for their American Dream home in Key West, the famed southern outpost of the Lower 48.

Ty and Shelley stated that they had visited Conch Republic several times over the years, and decided to sell their home on the mainland and embark on a 30-day quest in a recreational vehicle to find their forever home in the artist. decided to. About 130 miles south of Miami and the famous ’90 miles from Cuba’.


After their real estate agent moved them to several properties, Ty and Shelley had dubbed the Sugarloaf House—about 20 minutes from Key West on Route 1 proper, but no less tropical or beautiful.

“It’s our dream house, I’m not a morning person, and now I’m at every sunrise, we have our coffee,” Shelley said.

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“This is where we do yoga, we paddleboard, this is life, this is a dream life.”

Ty said the house was posted for $1.5 million, but the couple was able to negotiate an offer for a little less than that.

As Cassone said, the house they settled in was smaller than they initially wanted, but they still fell in love with it.

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At the end of the show, the adult children of Ty and Shelley arrive to visit their parents’ new home. They later celebrated the shopping with a night out at Conch Republic.

“Tie & Shelley are proof that the American dream is alive and anywhere you want to call home, it can be achieved,” Cassone said.

“From the Florida Keys to Puget Sound. He worked hard, he listened to his heart, and he decided to dream big. And, his reward: a home in heaven.”

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