Gowdy obliterates Democrats for walking away from bipartisan police negotiations


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‘I want you to imagine a Black Republican from the deep South, his own life informed and guided by his interactions with the police … sitting alone at the negotiating table’

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“Sunday Night in America” ​​host Trey Gaudí rebukes Senate Democrats for choosing to “struggle over a settlement” after walking away from the negotiating table during a bipartisan discussion police overhaul Republicans led by South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott.

Months of bipartisan talks abruptly stalled last week after Scott’s Democratic aides indicated they were no longer ready to engage in discussions, including banning chokeholds, curbing the transfer of military equipment to police and Despite reaching some agreements on issues like raising funds. for mental health programs.


“The murder rate in this country has risen to historic numbers in the past year, and this year is not looking much better,” a dismayed Gaudi told the audience. “But some on the left decided that the rising violent crime rate and historically high murder rate is the right time to discredit the police.”

Scott ‘disappointed’ police reform talks fail

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Gaudi, who portrayed Scott as someone “who experienced the good and the bad from law enforcement many of us never will,” credited the senator for launching the congressional effort.

“He is committed to a justice system that is worthy of our highest expectations,” Gaudi said. “For the better part of the past two years, Senator Scott has been trying to correct our justice system. Last summer, he was left alone at the bargaining table by Kamala Harris, who decided that his ambition was to make our justice system right. It was more important than perfecting the system.”

“Now Tim Scott is out again, abandoned,” Gaudi continued. “The media, of course, will blame the Republicans. They are only useful to the DC media when they agree with the Democrats,” he alleged. “No criticism for Kamala Harris or the other Democrats who left. Instead, the media saved this condemnation for Tim Scott.”

President Biden Last week accused Republicans of rejecting even “minor reforms.” fail Congress The attempts followed high-profile police killings of black people last year, including George Floyd in Minneapolis and Breonna Taylor in Louisville. Biden called Floyd’s killing “a stain on America’s soul” on Wednesday, adding that “we will be remembered for how we responded to the call.”

“I want you to imagine, in your peace of mind, a Black Republican from the deep South, your own life informed and directed by conversations with the police, ready to negotiate a difficult but necessary over the top topic, let alone Sitting at the negotiating table,” Gaudi retorted. “There is no political boom for Tim Scott. Criminal justice reform is not a burning issue on the right. This is not a road to electoral success for Republicans,” he underlined.

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“If you accept that protecting the police is never the right solution, it’s dumb to come back to the table when the country is in a violent crime wave,” Gaudi said. “I promise you’ll find that Tim Scott is still there.”

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