Gov. Kristi Noem: We can’t rely on a debt-ridden federal government to take care of us


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Let’s follow Ronald Reagan’s lead and be the happy warrior for opportunity and freedom

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When I was a little girl growing up on my farm in South Dakota, there was a sign hanging on the door of our pasture where we grazed our horses. The sign said, “For the inside of a man there is nothing better than the outside of the horse.”

I didn’t come from a political family, so years later I learned it was a quote from President Ronald Reagan. Suddenly, he became my favorite president. Any leader who recognized the value of time spent with horses was, in my book, a man of good understanding and wisdom.


Over the years, I’ve learned that looking back can help us move forward in incredible ways. Former leaders and turning points in history remind us of what makes America special.

Ronald Reagan led our nation through challenging times on the world stage, yet embraced the humble simplicity of the daily life of an average citizen in America. Recently, I was honored to spend some time at Reagan Ranch in California. It is maintained by the Young America Foundation and preserved for the next generation so that we can look to the past to build an even better future.

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I was influenced by the life that Ronald Reagan and his family lived on the farm. It was not remarkable, fancy, or reflective of the position of power he held as leader of the free world. It was mean, simple, and a step back from the grandeur of Washington, DC, it was heaven for them.

While he publicly said, “Government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem,” he lived out the truth of those words behind the scenes. He did not depend on others to do his work in the field. Instead, he cleaned the brush, built the fence, and enjoyed the work of it all.

It is my hope that the American people will pay attention to this aspect of the life and example of our former president. We cannot rely on the debt-ridden federal government to take care of us. We are burning with borrowed cash. Many people wake up looking for a handout that will lead to prosperity and opportunity, rather than tackle such tasks for themselves.

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We can restore our “shining city on the hill” with an old-fashioned work ethic and faith in our fellow man, but that will only happen with financial discipline not being displayed by power-hungry politicians today.

As governor of California, and later as president of the United States, Reagan focused on developing the private sector, creating jobs, and building the economy. He gave little boys and little girls like me a chance to fulfill our dreams and really have a shot at reaching them.

His vision for America is my vision for South Dakota. Our state will be safe, strong and healthy as we embrace the foundations of our history, learning from our former leaders, and working every day to form a smaller government and give more power to the people, as our Constitution directs.

What we see spreading in the White House today is a completely different vision for America. Joe Biden’s policies and actions reflect his true goals: to reduce the role of the individual and make the government more powerful and a threat to individual liberties.

I pray that the average citizen will wake up to the harm caused by the extreme ideas and policies that the National Democrats are pursuing.

Make no mistake, President Biden plans to cripple our country with massive debt in the form of “infrastructure stimulus” spending and entitlement programs that quell the campaign to think for itself and stand independent from government. Huh. We see this president expanding the reach of the federal government to historic levels. If we allow this to continue, America can never be the same.

Gov. Christi Noem at Reagan Ranch in October 2021

As a state legislator and Congresswoman, I worked to cut taxes and regulations. We put more money in Americans’ pockets knowing they know better how to spend their hard earned money than some government bureaucrats.

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Democrats are threatening to undo these policies. And if they are successful, today’s youth will be burdened with debt rather than opportunity. Today’s generous proposals alone will add hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt to every person by 2031. This is not sustainable, and the consequences of today’s actions will be felt for generations.

Ronald Reagan was optimistic. He was a jovial warrior who reminded people of the good days to come. He never shied away from the truth, but always offered a vision for the future.

A former Democrat, he said he did not leave the party, but the party left him. It is possible that many in the Democrat Party feel that way today. May it be time for all of us to follow President Reagan’s lead and become happy crusaders for opportunity and freedom.

The Democrats seem to have left America behind, with their support for the Critical Race Theory, unlimited federal spending, police defenses, and government control at all costs. I pray that the average citizen will wake up to the harm caused by the extreme ideas and policies that the National Democrats are pursuing.

Stepping into Reagan Ranch last week, I understood the greatness of Ronald Reagan and his life in a whole new way. He was a man who held a powerful position, yet embraced the life of an average American. And he loved it.

He was happiest in those hours working with his hands, loving his family, and riding horses. Perhaps it reminded him why he wanted to be president in the first place: to preserve the nation so that it would always be a “shining city on a hill.”

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