Gottheimer tells Dems to stop blocking infrastructure bill, ‘get shovels in the ground’


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Top congressional Dems, progressives, White House move past infrastructure bill, seek deal on reconciliation

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House Problem Solver Caucus Chairman Josh Gottheimer said in an op-ed for on Tuesday that the House of Representatives should “get shovels in the ground” on a bipartisan infrastructure bill during Democrats’ talks on a reconciliation bill. Should pass quickly.

Gottheimer, DN.J. The message comes despite the fact that top congressional Democrats, progressives and even President Biden’s White House are all moving forward with a strategy to hold onto the infrastructure bill until Democrats complete talks on a reconciliation bill. .


In njwith In the piece, Gottheimer blames “some” of his colleagues for stalling the infrastructure bill.

Gottheimer said on, “You can see why many of us want to vote on this as quickly as possible, send the infrastructure bill to the president’s desk, and immediately shovels into the ground and get people to work.” Put it on.” “But here’s the nonsense. Recently, despite widespread popularity, some of my colleagues blocked a vote on the infrastructure package. They wanted us to hold on to it until we voted on the reconciliation bill. Wait.”

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He added on “But the details of that legislation are still up in the air and require considerable debate and negotiation in the House and with the Senate. In the meantime, the infrastructure was passed in August and is still sitting in the House.” Waiting vote.”

Gottheimer said he supports passing a reconciliation bill, even though he disagrees with some Democrats about what it should look like. And in the op-ed he characterized these differences as what a “small” reconciliation bill should look like. That’s probably a stretch, given the fact that progressives want a bill that’s trillions of dollars more expensive than Sen. Joe Manchin, DW.VA, who is seeking his $1.5 trillion topline.

But he still argued that Democrats should take their time to negotiate a reconciliation while the infrastructure bill moves through.

“Yeah, it’s true — not everyone agrees on the size and scope of the bill; it’s still being debated,” Gottheimer said on “[W]E are still debating the full scope of the plan and how to pay for child care, climate and other provisions. But, in the meantime, I didn’t think Congress should stop the president’s historic bipartisan infrastructure investments and millions of jobs.”

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It is not clear how far Gotheimer’s missile could move the needle on talks on infrastructure and reconciliation. The Congressman suffered a humiliating defeat late last month when, despite several of his announcements that the House would vote and pass the infrastructure bill, progressives took a strong stand against it and blocked any vote in the House.

Top Democrats are targeting the end of October to pass infrastructure and reconciliation, but it is likely that the timeline could slip into November and perhaps even later, especially given the dire gap between moderates and progressives over reconciliation. Happened.

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