GOP senators reintroduce Schumer bill calling for hearings before reconciliation bill


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The bill was first introduced in 2017 by Chuck Schumer with support from Bernie Sanders, 38 other Democrats

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First on Granthshala: A group of Republican senators reintroduced a bill brought to the Senate in 2017 by Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D.N.Y., calling for a congressional hearing before passing largely partisan spending bills.

According to a press release obtained exclusively by Granthshala Business, Sen. Mike Braun, R-Ind., is leading a “no hearing, no vote” bill along with a handful of his fellow prominent GOP colleagues.


The bill was first introduced in 2017 by Schumer and 39 Democrats, including Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. .

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“Chuck Schumer thought we needed a hearing before we could vote on the massive spending bills 4 years ago,” Braun said Thursday in a statement to Granthshala Business. “I agree, so I’m re-introducing Leader Schumer’s bill with 15 Republicans to a hearing on the Democrats’ party-line tax-and-spending spree.”

Senators say the bill is a “simple legislative reform designed to preserve the regular order in the United States Senate when considering high-stakes budget reconciliation bills” that would allow conciliation until a full hearing on the issue. Will block a vote on the bills.

In the release, Braun blasted the Democrats as “trying to fundamentally change this country and injecting the trillion-dollar federal government into every aspect of Americans’ lives” as “the American people have been kept in the dark. “

Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, joined Braun on the bill, firing at Democrats for “pushing the Ram through their reckless tax-and-spending spree” and noting that “Iowa and across the country Taxpayers in India deserve to know how and where their hard earned money is being spent.”

On the Senate floor on Wednesday, Ernst called on Democrats to play with the country’s finances in a reparations of the popular game UNO.

Tennessee Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn also fired Democrats, remarking that “Tennessee has enough Democrat plans,” and Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla. Said the Senate’s “lack of accountability to American taxpayers is staggering.”

Scott said it is Congress’s “responsibility to implement such structural reforms” to put America “back on a financially stable path for American families and for future generations.”

In 2017, Republicans in Congress passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act through reconciliation after a four-day bill markup and 350 filed amendments. In addition, the Senate Finance Committee held more than 70 hearings between 2011 and 2017 focused on reforming the tax code.

Schumer and 39 of his Democratic allies had introduced Original No Hearing, No Vote Act in June of 2017 while tax cut legislation was being drafted – months before Republicans introduced it The last Edition Tax cut in November of that year.

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