GOP senators bash weak jobs report, Biden’s talk of ‘progress’


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Biden on Labor Department’s findings that layoffs were lowest since 1997

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Republican senators, including potential presidential candidates, have blasted the latest disappointing jobs report as well as efforts to portray President Biden as part of “progress.”

The September jobs report added 194,000 jobs to the economy – far fewer than the 500,000 new jobs expected. Republicans have targeted a double track of benefits for the largely unemployed and various mandates that restrict eligibility for certain jobs.


Sen. Lindsey Graham, R.C. With this, no one has spared criticism for Biden or his policies, saying the administration is “throwing a wet blanket on jobseekers.”

ANDY PUZDER: Team Biden, if you want better job numbers, stop discouraging work

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Senate Republican Conference President John Barrasso, R-Vy. told Granthshala Business that “the Biden economy is failing Americans who want to go back to work and put the virus behind them.”

“President Biden got a winning hand with three safe and effective vaccines and he blew it,” Barrasso argued. “America’s economic recovery is being crippled by Joe Biden’s big spending, high taxes and socialist policies.”

“Months of disappointing jobs reports are a direct result of President Biden’s failed policies,” Sen. Tim Scott, R.C., told Granthshala Business. “This administration’s plan to pay people for not working and burgeoning mandates has crippled our economy at a time when middle-class Americans are already struggling to meet basic needs due to inflation. Huh.”

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Biden claimed the US has made “consistent and steady progress” with unemployment below 5% for the first time since taking office. He touted the Labor Department’s findings that said the number of layoffs and job cuts was “the lowest in this country since 1997.”

However, Republicans have not acknowledged Biden’s side of the story. Mike Lee, R-Utah, ranking member of the Senate Joint Economic Committee, said jobs are currently 5 million below pre-pandemic levels.

Rick Scott, R-FL, declared that “Joe Biden and the Democrats in Washington are pushing America off a cliff.”

Larry Kudlow: The jobs report was better than people said

“This jobs report shows what employers across the country have been saying for months: The labor shortage is getting worse,” Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Arc, told Granthshala Business. “The Biden administration must drop its new eligibility programs, reinstate work requirements and get people back to work in the March spending spree.”

“This is just more evidence of Joe Biden’s anti-activist agenda in action,” said Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo. “Instead of the recovery we desperately need, Biden has given us fewer jobs, higher prices and rampant inflation. It’s time for the president to stop fighting his fake culture war and get America back to work.”

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The September report was the first since $300 per week in supplemental unemployment benefits ended September 5. Economists are still assessing the impact of the Child Tax Credit, which pays families up to $3,600 per child per year. Also having an effect going forward is the increasing number of companies implementing mandatory vaccine requirements.

Granthshala Business’ Tyler Olsen, Jonathan Garber, Robert Enos and Edward Lawrence contributed to this report.

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