GOP hopeful Ciattarelli rips NJ Gov Murphy over Bill of Rights ‘above my pay grade’ comment


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In April 2020, Carlson asked Murphy why he appeared to repeal the US Constitution with a broad mandate.

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New Jersey Republican gubernatorial candidate Jack Ciatarelli joined “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Monday to respond to Governor Philip Murphy’s taxation policies and previous comments on whether his socioeconomic lockdown orders violated the Constitution. above my pay grade”.

Host Tucker Carlson reminded viewers of Murphy’s final appearance at the event in April 2020—when New Jersey and its surrounding Democrat-run states instituted broad mandates against religious or family gatherings and the operation of businesses such as gyms and restaurants .


In April 2020, Carlson asked Murphy about a case in which 15 people were arrested for gathering at a Lakewood, NJ, synagogue for the funeral of Orthodox Rabbi Chaim Moshe Straulovich. in violation of His executive order banning large gatherings.

Carlson said, “The Bill of Rights, as you well know, protects the rights of Americans – ensuring their right to practice their religion and to assemble peacefully.” “By what authority did you set aside the Bill of Rights. In issuing this order? How do you have the power to do so?”

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“That’s above my pay grade, Tucker,” replied Murphy. “When we did this I wasn’t thinking about the Bill of Rights … behind the curve of this virus, which leads to fewer hospitalizations and is ultimately fatal.”

Tucker protests NJ Gov. Murphy over lockdown measures: ‘I wasn’t thinking about the Bill of Rights’

In response, Ciatarelli said that while Democrats have about 1 million voter gains in the Garden State, many New Jersey Democrats are “fiscally conservative and socially liberal.”

“This guy is too extreme,” he said, noting that no Democratic governor has been re-elected in the state since Gov. Brendan Byrne in the late 1970s.

Carlson compared Murphy to former Gov. Jim Florio, a 1990s Democrat whose plan to raise taxes into the billions infuriated so many New Jersey voters that they forced Republicans to vote in Trenton, their first legislative assembly in decades. Responded with a majority.

“Phil Murphy did just that [as Jim Florio]’He’s gone too far,’ replied Ciatarelli, formerly a state legislator and county freeholder from Somerset.

“On the same show a year and a half ago, [Murphy claimed] ‘Bill of Rights is above my pay grade’. – It’s not a joke. But even worse, he told the highest tax-paying people in the country, ‘If taxes are an issue, we’re probably not your state’.

“He’s basically telling the Jerseyans to go.”

“[Murphy] Looks reasonable to Florio,” Carlsen remarked in response.

Ciattarelli said that while he is nearly 6 points down in the polls, voters should not see that as a reason not to vote in one of the country’s only two odd-year gubernatorial elections.

“We have full faith in this year’s election system, we are confident of winning on November 2,” he said.

The other off-year gubernatorial election is taking place in Virginia where former Democratic Governor Terence McAuliffe is locked in an error-margin race with Falls Church businessman Glenn Youngkin.

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