Goop CEO Gwyneth Paltrow accused of underpaying, going ‘sour’ on staff as 140 workers exit since 2019: report


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Former employees also claimed that they were paid almost 40% less than similar roles at other companies

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Gwyneth PaltrowE-commerce group Goop from the wellness and lifestyle brand has come under fire after nearly 140 members of their staff reportedly left the company since 2019, according to a new report.

The 49-year-old actress reportedly paid her employees peanuts for their work, despite the fact that since early 2019, Goop had raised nearly $135 million and had a valuation of over $430 million, a new from the report business Insider Claims.


Obviously, getting along with Paltrow in and out of the building proved difficult for former employees.

While some former employees left Goop due to coronavirus-related terminations, other former Goopers told Insider that a mass exodus of top-level executives began before the pandemic hit.

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According to the outlet, Paltrow reportedly developed a penchant for playing favorites and turning “sours” on them, which she once championed at Goop.

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“Working for a celebrity is obviously cool,” one former employee told the insider of the company, which had about 250 employees in 2019.[Paltrow] Was definitely his favorite.”

Four former employees told Insider that they experienced an exhausting workplace culture that was exacerbated by the business pressures they felt were brought on by the pandemic.

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He said Goop also displayed a lack of transparency as to why various senior executives left the company – or were reportedly forced out – in a swirling fashion.

“Leadership training is where I’ll spend all my time,” voiced one former employee where he believes Goop’s biggest area for improvement is. “Honesty, openness – people avoid conflict because they don’t want to hurt people’s feelings.”

Reps for Goop and Paltrow did not immediately respond to Granthshala Business’s requests for comment. Goop declined to comment on the insider.

Goop originally started as a newspaper in 2008 before it morphed into an entity that confused many when it began selling clothing, health supplements and Candles That Supposedly Smell Like Paltrow’s Vagina For $75 per pop.

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The brand also managed to secure a partnership with Netflix.The Goop Lab,” a series hosted by Paltrow in which he and some of his closest employees experimented with a variety of energy and off-the-wall holistic remedies while chatting about life, wellness, and other trending topics.

Branding and media deals aside, former employees told Insider that the money ditch workers never received—and some said that when they began interviewing at other companies for similar roles—they reportedly soon found out. That they were paid less than about 40%.

“Sometimes, when you have founders who are also CEOs, that passion can be a blind spot,” said one employee. “Sometimes his thoughts fill the room.”

On October 21, another miniseries titled “Sex, Love, and Goop” will begin streaming on Netflix.

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“There were points, like, I got burned every single week,” said the first former employee. “I was very sad and anxious, and I know a lot of people felt the same way. And I think with COVID, it was like, ‘Okay, at least I have a job. ‘” But that wasn’t enough to calm him. Prolonged restlessness, as the employee said he believed, “No, this is a wellness company.”

According to Insider, Goop management reportedly talked about the company’s relatively low pay in at least one company all-hands meeting, two former employees said.

Senior leaders reportedly tried to make up for the pay shortfall by offering equity to all employees, as well as free products and discounts on Goop’s sites. The upper management had reportedly also promised a pay hike which never materialised.

In addition, the report alleged that Goop took an attitude toward disgruntled employees and felt that employees should be grateful to have worked for the company.

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“More than once, during our stand-ups people would ask, ‘How do you deal with an employee who is unhappy?’ And someone in leadership would just say, ‘Well, maybe this isn’t the right company for them,’” one employee told the insider.

“They keep trying to blame the ‘great resignation.’ I say bull-t,” said a third former employee. “No one wanted to change jobs amid the pandemic. I felt like I had to.”

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