Gabby Petito’s possible remains found near where Tampa family spotted camper van


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a Tampa-based family was traveling across the country when they seem to Gabby PetitoThe camper van back in August. His GoPro captured it on video – all by accident.


On August 27, the Bethune family was trying to find a place to camp for the night when they found themselves at the Spread Creek camping area near Grand Teton National Park, Where were the remains found to resemble Gabby’s description on Sunday?. Jane Bethune says the van they passed appears to be a converted camper van that Gabby and Brian Laundry – her fiancée and Person interested in the matter – were using to travel.

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But it wasn’t until last Saturday that he connected the dots. About his adventure on the Bethunes blog Red, White and Bethune Website. She had been editing the video that night since August 27.

“I just needed to take a break. So, I went and took my phone and as soon as I got my phone, I got a notification saying I was tagged in a story,” she told Granthshala 13 , added the post For anyone traveling through Grand Teton National Park to comb through their photos or videos. “I ran to the computer, pulled out my footage, scrolled through it and looked down and, Gabby’s van was lodged there.”

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The fact that he even had the video was an “absolute accident”. Jen said her husband, Kyle, forgot to turn off his GoPros that day. lucky for them, the cameras were recording. They use two cameras – one facing the front and the other facing Kyle while he is driving.

“We passed his van — or a white van — and there was a Florida plate in the white van,” Jane recalled. “We were excited because we’re from Florida, you know, hometown Tampa Bay. So we wanted to stop and talk to them but the van was dark and it was all closed.”

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Jane said it was 12:05 a.m. on a Sunday when she realized she had captured the camper van on video. By 12:08 p.m., he had called the FBI hotline.

“Relief flooded me because I could give it to their parents, Gabby’s parents, and say, ‘Hey, here’s the van. Go do whatever needs to be done,’” she said. . “I was just so happy that we got that on camera and we were able to give it to them.”

The FBI did not pursue him after he was asked to upload the video to the agency’s website. on Sunday, Gabby’s family confirms the FBI was aware of the video. Later that day, the FBI found nearby remains that matched Gabby’s description.

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The FBI said Sunday that law enforcement agencies were searching “Spread Creek Dispersed Camping Area, located in the Bridger-Teton National Forest on the eastern border of Grand Teton National Park.”

“I just want to say that Gabby’s family is so amazing. I talked to her mom and her dad, [they’re] I’m blessed to know so many wonderful, kind, beautiful people,” said Jen. “They’re hurting right now.”

Jane described the camp area as “desolate” and Bethunes did not have a strong cell phone signal.

“It’s too dense, too many shrubs, too many trees,” she said. “All the off-grid camping sites are tucked away behind individual trees and bushes and stuff. You’re so isolated from everyone else and secluded, even thought it was too packed.”

The Bethune family is made up of Jane, Kyle and their three children. Their fourth child, Ethan, died in September 2011 at the age of 7 while they were on their way to Disney World for their 7th birthday.

via Granthshala news

The moment Jen discovered the camper van in her GoPro video was on Ethan’s birthday.

“He must have turned 17” [Sunday],” she explained, “and I firmly believe that Ethan certainly had a hand in bringing Gabby home.”

Now, the next step is finding Brian, Jen said.

“I think we still need to focus on finding Brian,” she said. “Anyone who still has a clue or was in that area around that time or if they’ve seen him in Florida. No clue is too small. If you think you have video footage send it. The rest of us Gotta get answers for this family.”

Anyone with information is asked to call 1-800-CALL-FBI.

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