Gabby Petito’s godmother calls out fiancé Brian Laundrie for silence on the case: ‘It’s reprehensible’


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‘It’s so infuriating that Brian isn’t talking,’ said Flora Rocco

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Gabby Petito’s godmother, Flora Rocco, joined other family members on Friday to respond to her disappearance and called her fiancé Brian Laundry’s silence reprehensible.

Laundry has refused to speak to law enforcement since returning to his parents’ home in North Port, Fla., in early September.


Rocco, who lives in South Carolina, told “The Faulkner Focus” that the couple often visited him when they traveled. The last time he saw them was in early June.

When asked if Petito and Laundry were in love, Rocco said, “I would say so.”

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“From what I saw, yes, they had a great relationship,” she said. “And that’s weird. That’s the secret. And that’s another reason Brian isn’t talking.”

Rocco stated that she was not aware of any “behind the scenes” issues in their relationship as it would have been kept private.

Rocco describes the family dynamic, noting that Gabby’s mother and stepfather communicate with Laundry’s parents, but not often.

“There was no closeness whatsoever,” she said.

Gabby Petito’s disappearance: Protesters sign sign at Brian Laundry’s home urging him to speak to police

The Laundry family is completely silent except for Brian Laundry’s sister Cassie, who has not been able to contact him.

Cassie Laundry said on ABCgood Morning America“That was Petito”like a sister

“All I want is for him to come home safely and that’s just a big misunderstanding,” she said.

Gabby Pettito’s stepfather says family ‘speechless’ at Brian Laundry’s silence: ‘We’re not going away’

Rocco said the family’s silence is now hindering efforts to locate Petito.

Rocco’s message to the laundry is: “Only you can tell us where to start looking… It’s not like you’re not helping anymore, it’s hindering this investigation now. And people are using up time. Now it’s past the days when you could talk. And you still prefer to be quiet. Which is – it’s reprehensible.”

He, like other members of Gabby’s family, requested the laundry to come forward and provide information.

“We can’t keep doing this, and it really is torture.”

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