Gabby Petito homicide: For Dog the Bounty Hunter, search for Brian Laundrie is personal


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Reality TV star Real-Life Bounty Hunter, whose real name is Duane Chapum, lost her only daughter when she was the same age as Gabby Pettito

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First on Granthshala: Doug the Bounty Hunter arrived at Brian Laundry’s parents’ house on Saturday, knocked on the door and kept quiet, but he’s already picked up a scent.

“That’s why I’m Mr. [Christopher] Laundry do I carry a reputation with me,” he told Granthshala News Digital moments later. “The reputation is, ‘He gives you a second chance. He’s going to get you, but he gives you a second chance.’”


Reality TV star and veteran bounty hunter, whose real name is Duane Chapman, is a 13-year-old father who lost a daughter the same age as Gabby Pettito in a car accident in 2006. He was already in Florida on a honeymoon with his wife. Francie Chapman, he said, was when people started reaching out to him to investigate Laundry’s disappearance.

Laundry family spends National Daughter Day investigating ducks as Pettito plans funeral

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“I know how the victims feel,” he said.

Pettito’s parents and step-parents spent Saturday preparing for a planned funeral for their daughter, a week after her remains were found at a campsite shared with Laundry in late August.

Gabby Petito murder: Florida lawyer puts $20G bounty on Brian Laundry

Laundry’s parents reported her missing on Friday, September 17, telling police they had not seen her in three days.

“And Dad can still contact me through social media,” Chapman said. “Let’s catch the child alive. Alive.”

On September 19, an FBI-led search discovered the remains of Laundry’s fiancé, Petito, in a camping area spanning the creek north of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Laundry was named as a person interested in her disappearance and is the subject of a federal indictment for alleged debit card fraud, prompting a warrant that Chapman took with him on Saturday.

Gabby Petito Case: Where Could Brian Laundry Be 10 Days After He Walked Away?

“We had a lot of requests that I get on this,” Chapman said. “This is what I do to live to be 45.”

With the discovery in a swampy reserve near Laundry’s home, many outside experts say they do not believe he can survive there.

Surviving in the swamp would be quite difficult, Chapman said, and the thermal vision devices used by law enforcement make capture even more difficult.

Chapman, who has his own anonymous tip line (833-tel-dog), said he was getting calls every two or three minutes. His wife, Francie Chapman, stood a few feet away, fielding a steady stream of calls.

Gabby Petito massacre: Utah police may not have all information in response to Moab incident, experts say

Much of the information they received points to the Appalachian Trail, where Laundry first camped. So if he’s not in the Carlton Reserve, there could be several suspects, along with a laundry trail.

“If there’s anywhere that looks the hottest, that might be the area,” Chapman said.

If Laundry left town, investigators should find out where he went and begin their search with dogs, infrared and other technology, Chapman said.

Chapman said, “I think he’s quite young, not a seasoned criminal, but what’s his greatest experience? Outdoorsman. — That’s what he does best.” “I don’t think he can shop, run, stay in cheap hotels. From one to ten he’s probably a six, compared to outsiders and some of the guys I’ve caught.”

So, Chapman’s hunch is laundry is on the way.

“What’s in their blood in those hills,” Chapman said.

And Chapman himself is no stranger to the Appalachian Trail. He took part in a massive search operation in New York in 2015 for two escaped killers.

And if the laundry turns out to be in the swamp, it will have to go at night when the authorities suspend their search and try to hide during the day.

Chapman agrees with other experts that the laundry probably doesn’t belong in Mexico.

“A white boy who doesn’t know Spanish, the cartel is going to grab him for a reward,” he said. “So he’s not down there.”

According to Chapman, he’s likely to be in the States and probably somewhere along the East Coast.

“Who else knows where he is, where they left him, or did they leave him?” Chapman said. “That person is going to tell us because, again, we’re not the police. It’s anonymous.”

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