Gabby Petito case highlights growing interest in ‘true crime’ podcasts


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‘Podcasts are just capturing the taste of mainstream America’, says researcher

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NS Gabby Petito’s death And Brian Laundry’s disappearance has kept investigators on their toes, and many people across America and around the world follow his every move.

One indication of intense interest in these types of cases is the rise in popularity of “true crime”. podcast, which includes “Crime Junkie,” “My Favorite Murder” and “Serial,” which regularly feature on lists of the most popular US podcasts tracked by it. Edison Research.


So what is America’s fascination Crime?

Gabby Pettito Checking In With Nancy Grace: What Really Happened To The ‘Van Life’ Girl?

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“Podcasts are just catching on to the taste of mainstream America,” said Tom Webster, senior vice president at Edison Research.

“I think true crime as a genre is as much about the curiosity, passion, and connectedness of the hosts as it is the underlying crime. The popularity of all three of those shows is at least partly due to the skill that they possess. The hosts have what captivates us. Deep in the mystery. It’s a real craft. If two podcasters tackle the same source material, the better storyteller will always win.”

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Granthshala News asked if Edison Research tracks the commercial side of true crime podcasts and how much money it brings to an episodic series of digital audio files. Webster says the company only tracks viewership. But he also added that the true popularity of crime is seen on TV as well.

“Watch the non-sports shows that win in television ratings every week: ‘The Equalizer’, ‘Law & Order’, ‘9-1-1’, ‘FBI’, ‘NCIS’, etc.,” he said. .

Illinois Wesleyan University Assoc. Professor Amanda Vicari is a self-described “true crime addict”.

“I never thought I’d find a way to incorporate my passion for crime into my professional life,” Vicari said in a IWU Magazine Articles. “Sometimes I’d be reading a court document or looking at ‘Dateline’ and thinking, ‘I can’t believe I’m actually working right now!’”

Vikari has become a highly sought-after specialist in the crime community. She also conducted a study to find out whether only women are associated with crime.

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Vicari said, “By reading these stories or listening to these podcasts, you learn how people are murdered, how people are kidnapped. You learn survival techniques, even if they don’t knock your door. Be as simple as shutting down.” “Anyone who knows me can tell you that I’m totally insane — I have all these little tools around my house, and my husband thinks I’m a total nutcase — but I think survival Learning the skill maybe I like offense as well.”

whether it’s a podcast, television program Or the books, true crime is tempting America. People follow cases like Gabby Petito, who are reported to have disappeared until the suspects are charged and convicted.

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