Gabbard: Biden acting as ‘judge, jury and executioner’ of border agents is ‘absolutely wrong’


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Hawaii Democrats Say ‘We Don’t Have Democracy’ If We’re a Lawless Country

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the former Representative Tulsi Gabbard President Biden called on President Biden to “apologise” after his pledge to punish Border Patrol officers over false “whipping” claims on “Waters World” Saturday night.

Gabbard warned that Biden’s hasty actions to punish officials are the opposite of “innocent until proven guilty” – undermining the country’s democratic process. “How can they expect any kind of fair outcome of an investigation when the President of the United States has already declared his crime and he will be punished?” He asked.


The former congresswoman and presidential candidate expressed concern over the country’s direction after the president quickly relied on his agents.

Acting CBP chief ‘shocked’ by images of border patrol on horses, doubles down as administration

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“He essentially served as the judge, jury and executioner for these Customs and Border Patrol agents on horseback,” she said.

Gabbard further said that failure to enforce the laws could have dire consequences for the country.

“If we are no longer a land of laws, the growing feeling of many of us is that we are losing our democracy and inevitably moving closer and closer to an autocracy,” she warned.

He denounced the powerful elite working with the media and the dark state to put their own interests above the interests of the country.

“They’re getting away with it,” she said. “They are not ready to sacrifice their interests for the interests of the country.”

“They have no business in leadership positions at any level in our society because who has to suffer the consequences? It’s the American people. This is our democracy. And they don’t care about the cost and toll it takes. “

Gabbard concluded by pointing out what she believes is essential to the country right now: “Leadership that puts service above itself, one that puts the interest of the American people in our country first.”

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