Ford says that by 2030 one-third of all full-size pickup truck sales will be EVs


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Speaking to reporters on Monday, Ford Motor Company executive Lisa Drake said the company believes a third of full-size truck sales will be electric vehicles by 2030.

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“We see a significant mass of battery electric vehicles on the horizon,” Drake, Ford’s chief operating officer for the North America region, told listening to members of the media.


Drake continued, adding that based on reservations for the F-150 Lightning, the all-electric version of the company’s own regular duty pickup truck, “we see potential by volume growth”.

In late July, the automaker confirmed that it had already received more than 120,000 reservations for the truck.

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Reservations do not equal sales. Once the Order Bank opens, customers must first reserve their space to queue to order a truck. Then, customers will need to have their vehicle financed and delivered upon arrival at their local dealership.

Tyson Jomini, vice president of data and analytics at JD Power, said in a statement. Granthshala That Drake’s prediction may have been a little premature. “The US auto industry is only just beginning to understand the factors that drive consumers to consider EVs because the mainstream segments have been largely ignored until now.

“The winning formula to date was the one discovered by Tesla: an expensive tech-first product. However, the F-150 Lightning is aiming at the center of the industry and in Central America in a vehicle with an aggressive starting price point. Size and features The retains that have made the F-Series the best-selling vehicle in America for more than 40 years.

Although the mix of one-third is well below the 40 to 50 percent target set by the Biden administration for 2030, the fact that Ford thinks full-size pickup owners are ready to switch to EVs at that rate is one The leading indicator is that the US target is more likely to be on the high end by the end of the decade.”

The Ford F-Series ended 2019 marked its 43rd straight year as America’s best-selling pickup. That year, the company sold 896,526 F-Series trucks. Those numbers include the F-150 and Ford Super Duty models.

During the same period, General Motors sold 438,686 light-duty Chevrolet Silverados and 172,452 light-duty GMC Sierras. In 2019, Nissan sold 31,514 Titans and buyers bought 111,673 new Toyota Tundra. Ram brand reported sales of 633,649 trucks for 2019.

Since that time, the first production Rivian R1T, a full-size all-electric truck, rolled off the line, and promises of a battery-powered Tesla Cybertruck to market were continually pushed, much like the Tesla Roadster. Like Promise, a fully electric, performance-focused sports car.

Other electric trucks are on the horizon. General Motors is developing a battery-powered version of the Silverado. The deliveries of its GMC Hummer EV are slated to begin in the coming months. Ram is working on an all-electric truck.

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