Florida woman, 74, saves pet dog from alligator attack: report


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While the owner managed to save her pet, she did not survive

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According to a report, a Florida woman courageously saved her pet dog from a crocodile attack near Boca Raton last month.

Suzanne Marciano, 74, was walking her dog Nalu near a lake in Burt Aaronson Park on August 24 when she took off her leash so the animal could play in the water. Marciano soon saw a dark shadow in the lake as the pair brought in, which turned out to be a gator about six feet tall.


“My heart is broken,” she told the Palm Beach Post this week.

South Carolina crocodile attack on woman ends after neighbor kills creature with shovel

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When Marciano saw the crocodile, he attacked Nalu in the water, holding the dog in his jaw. The owner retaliated.

“I wasn’t thinking,” said Marciano. “I only did what I could. I landed on the crocodile with all my weight.”

During the fight Marciano suffered a puncture wound in the middle of his palm. He was taken to Baptist Health Urgent Care, where he received five stitches.

“It was all a big blot, that told the post. “I was in great shock. I didn’t feel any pain.”

According to the paper, Nalu sustained puncture wounds in her abdomen and thigh – and underwent two hours of surgery at an animal emergency clinic.

How common are crocodile attacks?

A Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission official and a park ranger checked the lake, but failed to find any alligators, an incident report shows, according to the paper.

data from Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission shows that Florida has an average of seven unprovoked bites per year that are severe enough to require professional medical treatment in the past 10 years.

Granthshala News’ Julia Musto contributed to this report

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