Financial expert rips ‘evil’ Facebook as one of the ‘worst companies ever created’


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Social media platforms will see ‘no meaningful consequences’ for wrongdoing, Lee said

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Michael Lee, founder of Michael Lee Strategy, criticized Facebook for being one of the “worst companies ever built” during an appearance on “Morning with Maria” on Monday, arguing that social media is “evil”. The platform has become “so big and so powerful”.

Michael Lee: Facebook is one of the worst companies ever created. I believe it is… a rogue company. I think they have so much research internally that they talk about the devastation they can do to people’s minds, mind of youth. Apart from the issue of child trafficking, I do not see any results.


Facebook whistleblower accuses company of ‘separating our societies’

Unfortunately, they’ve become so big and so powerful, and you know, they’re a tool for the party in charge. So, you know, it’ll be some headlines and a little more confirmation of how bad of a company they are. But I don’t think any meaningful impact is happening for Facebook.

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Watch the full interview below:

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