FBI says Zodiac case remains open after independent group says it has ID’d killer


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The Zodiac killer claimed to have murdered at least 37 people and taunted authorities with letters and complicated ciphers over the years that terrified Bay Area residents.

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The Zodiac killer case remains open, the FBI said Thursday, a day after the decades-long crime saga named after an independent group it blamed for several murders in the San Francisco area gained widespread media attention.

A group called The Case Breakers created Gary F. Poste as the elusive Zodiac, which is linked to five murders in the late 1960s, first reported by Granthshala News. The killer claimed to have killed at least 37 people and over the years taunted officials with letters and complicated ciphers that terrified Bay Area residents.


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On Thursday, the FBI’s San Francisco office confirmed that the case is still open.

“The Zodiac Killer case remains open,” the FBI told Granthshala News. “We don’t have any new information to share.”

Case breakers also believe that Poste, who is dead, is responsible for the 1966 murder of Cherry Joe Bates in Riverside, California, two years before the first murder was attributed to Zodiac.

Bates was executed on October 31, 1966 and found on a college campus. His murder remains unsolved. In August the Riverside Police Department offered a $50,000 reward for information about his killer.

The Case Breakers said that a 1975 FBI memo stated that Bates was the “sixth victim” of the Zodiac.

Riverside Police Officer Ryan Relsbach told Granthshala News: “We believe 100% that our Cherry Joe Bates case is not related to the amount case.” “Nothing has changed on that.”

Case breakers have said they want to share their evidence about the post with Riverside officials. The Police Department declined to comment on the group’s findings.

The first known Zodiac murder occurred in December 1968 when a couple were fatally shot inside a car in Benicia, California. Another couple were shot in Vallejo on July 4, 1969. The man survived. In September 1969, a couple was stabbed to death near a lake in Nap County, with one person surviving.

In October of the same year, a cab driver was shot and killed in San Francisco.

The murders have spawned numerous documentaries, films and conspiracy theories. Several potential suspects have been named over the years but none have been charged.

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