Facebook defends efforts to combat human trafficking, crime after report detailing ‘inadequate’ action


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Report details Facebook hasn’t taken enough action against drug cartels and human traffickers

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In a new statement posted on Twitter, Facebook Spokesperson Andy Stone defended the tech giant’s commitment to prevent damage.

After the Wall Street Journal released a series of critical reports under the archive titled “The Facebook Files,” the company this week issued a series of statements defending its efforts to curb misinformation and harmful behavior.


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In Thursday’s report published as part of the Facebook Files archive, Internal Documents Received by Journal Show Facebook employees have attempted to crack down on drug cartels and human traffickers who use the platform to fuel crime, but the company’s actions against those bad actors seem to be lagging.

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“As the Wall Street Journal itself makes clear, we have a team of experts to help us uncover patterns of harmful behavior so that we can disrupt it. We have no other consumer technology dedicated to this work. The company has more experts and resources than the world,” Stone wrote In Thursday’s tweet.

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He added: “While there is much more we can do, these teams have helped us find and disrupt gangs and smugglers operating on our platform.”

A “score” of documents reviewed by the Journal showed that the company took “inadequate” action or no action in cases of employees flagging off activity related to human and drug trafficking abroad.

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Stone said the company uses a variety of tools, including artificial intelligence, to locate criminal organizations on the platform, but acknowledged that the issue is “a hostile space.” And while Facebook has the tools “to combat the recurrence,” he said, it “tries to bring these organizations back to our platforms.”

Stone concluded, “We know we have more work to do, which is why we hire experts in key areas to conduct research and help us understand the problems so we can better address them.” to improve their technology, staffing and policies.”

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