Ex-Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer touts Clippers’ new arena, hopes to build ‘more of our own identity’


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Ever since Team LA. Since then, the Clippers have been under the shadow of the Lakers

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Former Microsoft CEO-turned-NBA team owner Steve Ballmer broke ground on Friday in the Los Angeles Clippers’ new arena, officially beginning the process of separation between his organization and the Los Angeles Lakers, who have owned the city since 1960. is owned.

Ballmer’s new arena in Inglewood will be named Intuit Dome and is set to officially open in 2024. There will be an on-site practice facility, team offices, retail space and more.



“We needed to say, ‘We are our people. We don’t play in the same places like other people. We’re going to make our mark,’” Ballmer said. ESPN.

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Price tag for the area $2 billion. But it will be more than enough to get out from under some of the shadows cast by the Lakers after playing so long at Staples Center.

“I’ve never been to a place where you had two teams in one city. I grew up in Detroit. Everyone’s a Pistons fan. And I think the Clippers were bad enough for enough years, everyone ignoring the Clippers Could,” Ballmer said.

“We’re good now, and we’re going to be good year after year. We’re going to build our own building, build more of our own identity, more of our personality. And I think some fans, on the other hand, If you like, it’s like, ‘What? You dare to question our supremacy?’ No, we do.”

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Ballmer said the Clippers are building their “presence, identity” and aren’t concerned about Lakers fans feeling the “threat” that the Clippers are finally starting their own space in the City of Angels.

The arena is expected to be filled with an incredible amount of advanced technology. The hope is that fans will be able to leave their seats to walk to the concession stand, have a drink and/or snack, and return to their seats. There is no plan for any cashier to pick up the order and the customer’s account will be automatically charged.

The suites will not have TVs because they want those who buy those seats to watch the game.

“It’s about the game of basketball … and we’re trying to get you back in your seat as quickly as possible,” Ballmer said.

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The owner of the Jubilant NBA team talks about the upcoming wall. Beyond the end of the court where the team’s opponents will have their benches, there will be 51 uninterrupted rows of standing room for approximately 4,700 fans. He hopes that fans of that class will make an impact on the game and generate more and more sound.

“I mean, if we have to do it right, we have to activate the fans there,” Ballmer said.

Los Angeles will be expected to maintain their latest solid performance of the playoffs ahead of the opening of the new arena and perhaps even open the Dome with a championship.

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The Clippers almost made it to the NBA Finals last season. His Western Conference title appearance was his first in franchise history.

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