Erika Jayne’s attorneys open to negotiating settlement in her $25 million lawsuit


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The ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ star has been locked in legal proceedings since split from Tom Girardi in 2020

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Erica Jane may be set to settle her ongoing legal case, with the lawyers involved being able to reach a mutually beneficial deal.

Attorney Ronald Richards told Us Weekly that he is in talks with the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star’s team to “voluntarily” get $25 from her estranged husband Tom in an effort to settle after a previous proposal for her. million to be paid. Girdhari’s case.


“I gave him a week to return the money voluntarily, but he never did,” Richards said in the weekends. “I can’t get into settlement discussions, but we’re trying to settle the matter with his attorney. It’s $25 million.” [Girardi’s] The law firm paid on behalf of Erica to cover her expenses over a period of 12 years.”

Jane’s attorney, Evan C. Borges, told the outlet that, although she is open to talks with Richards, neither she nor Jane would accept a deal that involved admitting her fault or her husband’s alleged embezzlement activities. Knowledge is included.

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“With regard to settlement discussions, they are considered confidential among attorneys,” he told the outlet. “It appears that my opposing counsel Mr. Richards is publicly discussing what he calls settlement discussions. Here is the truth: Mr. Richards has contacted me and told me that he and the trustees want to settle . I have heard and will continue to listen. That’s it.”

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He added: “I cannot say enough that based on the evidence and the law, there is no liability for any of his claims against Erica. All claims against Erica equate to attempts to blame her for the actions of others, including Girardi. Keys and Tom Girardi.”

Representatives for Jayne did not immediately respond to Granthshala News’ request for comment.

Lawyers for the trustee who oversaw Girardi Keys in his bankruptcy found that Jayne spent more than $25 million in money that came from the firm prior to her split with Girardi. However, she is locked in a legal battle as lawyers try to prove that she was aware of his illegal activities.

Meanwhile, Richards concludes that he hopes Jane will see the cause and spend the money to rectify the situation for the victims rather than through legal fees.

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