Erika Jayne fires back after being slammed for sharing post ‘comparing’ her to Jesus Christ amid legal woes


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The “ROHOBH” star was also criticized for his “pure fiction” tweet response to co-stars’ remarks regarding the race depiction.

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Erica Jayne is being hired as she compares herself to Jesus Christ in the midst of her current and very public legal position with her husband Tom Girardi.

The 50-year-old “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star took to her Instagram Stories Thursday to re-share a fan’s post about attorney Ronald Richards, the point person in the ongoing liquidation of Girardi’s shuttered law firm .


The fan angrily said that Jane was “never indicted by a court of misconduct” by allegedly “slandering” Richards for “immoral behavior”!

The user further claimed that Richards “undermined the judicial system by making accusations and charges, in the hope that it would induce public opinion to override the courts,” before adding, “This behavior is bad for our society.” Dangerous and reckless! Everyone should take notice.”

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The social media user’s post concluded, “That’s how Christ died.”

Erica Jayne’s lawyers ready to settle her $25 million lawsuit

Jayne then reposted the story before being slammed on social media for bringing down the name in vain, while Jane’s fan shared a follow-up post saying they were not comparing the singer to Christ.

Jayne took it too Twitter, writing: “No, I didn’t compare myself to Christ, someone else did and I reposted it. Now everyone can make an excuse about it.”

Camille Grammer claims she heard about Tom Girardi rumors going to Erica in 2019

The social media blowout comes on the same day that Jayne appeared to be defying damage control in her defense Los Angeles Times Reports on Wednesday saw fellow cast members Garcelle Beauvais, Krystal Kung Minkoff and Sutton Strake talk about how race was addressed on the show and other hot topics ahead of next week’s four-part “RHOBH” reunion.

“Pure Tale,” Jeanne fired back In a Twitter response, receiving reactions from others who patted her remarks.

“Is it pure fantasy for you to express your experiences as women of color to Garcelle and Crystal?” wrote One Twitter user while the other piled on, add, “The way she is attempting to invalidate the WOC experience and calling it ‘fiction’.”

“What’s the fantasy about it?” said Another Zen critic. “It’s a lot about race and personal experience here and that’s how you choose to answer the article? You know a lot about fiction with your stories but this isn’t it.”

Tom Girardi seen with black eyes at first sight after divorce from Erica Jayne

one more buried: “I’ll call every interpretation that comes out of your mouth this season is fiction” and included an image of a jittery Beauvais in a scene in the series.

Another person said: “You haven’t even read the article and it shows,” to which jane replied: “Honey, I’m the chief…” We can be implicated “No, you can’t. Period.”

Jayne and Girardi are accused of embezzlement of funds named for the victims of the 2018 Lion Air plane crash, when Girardi represented the plaintiffs in a class-action suit against the airline.

Granthshala News obtained court documents in August indicating Girardi’s law firm Had a debt of over $100 million and Jayne, an entertainment company owned by EJ Global LLC reportedly received $25 million From Girdhari, 82.

Erica Jayne’s husband Tom Girardi is officially under brother’s care

Jayne filed for divorce from Girardi in November 2020. He and the lawyer had been married for over 20 years.

After filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the firm began liquidating its assets amid a growing case against the pair, who have been accused of divorce to protect their money and assets.

Tom Girardi and Erica Jayne have been charged with embezzlement of funds named for the victims of the 2018 Lion Air plane crash, when Girardi represented the plaintiffs in a class-action suit against the airline.  Jane has not been charged with any crime.

In December 2020, the couple was hit with another lawsuit for failing to pay a judgment of $882,715.

In a Hulu documentary called “The Housewife and the Hustler,” which was released in June and focused on the couple’s alleged cheating and legal troubles, Girardi was shown in a statement that he had broken up.

Huge price cut for ‘Robh’s Erica Jaane and Tom Girardi’s matrimonial mansion

“At one point I had about $80 million or $50 million in cash,” he said in September 2020. “That’s all gone. I don’t have any money. I also had a stock portfolio of about $50 million, and that’s all gone.”

Girardi has been plagued by health issues, including Alzheimer’s and an early dementia diagnosis, which eventually led to the once-respected plaintiff losing his law license in March. Girardi’s family has claimed that Girardi also suffers from memory loss due to his age.

Jayne has not been formally charged with any crime.

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