Emmys 2021 presenter Seth Rogen comments on lack of COVID-19 safety protocols at award show, Twitter piles on


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Host Cedric the Entertainer later said that attendees had to be vaccinated in order to attend

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Seth Rogen is calling his fellow celebrities.

The 2021 Emmy Awards is one of the first few award shows to return to normal in-person broadcast since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. On the show, some viewers wore masks or maintained social distance.


Rogen, who gave a speech on stage in the evening, noted the lack of safety precautions at the event.

“I start by saying that there are too many of us in this small room! What are we doing?” said the actor. “They said it was out! It’s not! They lied to us.”

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The comedian joked that the room they were in could be compared to a “hermetically sealed tin.”

“I wouldn’t have come to this,” he said. “Why have a ceiling? It’s more important that we have three chandeliers, we make sure we don’t kill Eugene Levy tonight. That’s what’s decided.”

Eugene Levy is, of course, an icon of comedy television, whose age of 74 puts him at a higher risk for the coronavirus.

Rogen, 39, joked that it was “crazy” to pack so many people into a place like this.

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“I went from wiping my groceries to watching Paul Bettany sneeze in my face. It’s a big week,” he said, naming the “WandaVision” star. “If anyone’s going to sneeze in my face, Paul, I want it to be you. Well, the jokes I wrote.”

While Rogen was largely joking about the lack of precautions, Twitter users were unhappy to see celebrities without masks or other safety measures.

“No distance, no masks. Clearly a slap in the face to all Font Line workers who are still dealing with the pandemic,” Tweeted by a viewer. “Check your privilege @TheEmmys #Emmys.”

“No masks on the #Emmys because the rules are for the little guys,” another wrote Along with a photo of several celebrities without masks, including Mandy Moore and Patrick Stewart.

“It sucks that there’s no mask at the Emmys,” another jabbed. “Missed the opportunity and you too can catch COVID and die.”

Host Cedric the Entertainer later said that attendees had to be vaccinated in order to participate.

A representative for the Television Academy did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Granthshala News.

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