Emmys 2021 host Cedric the Entertainer talks hesitancy as a comedian due to today’s ‘hypersensitive society’


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He says a wrong joke can turn a comedian’s life upside down

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Cedric the Entertainer is gearing up to host his Emmys 2021 in keeping with today’s cancellation culture.

The 57-year-old multi-hyphenate will be the Emmys for Sunday night’s star-studded show. In a new interview, he pointed to the importance of changing his standup routine so that it performs well in today’s “susceptible society.”


talking to Hollywood Reporter, the executive producer of “Neighborhood” said that the chances of getting canceled just over a joke are not on him.

“Nowadays, it’s crossing the border, isn’t it? It’s not bad if you’re the news for a few days, but you don’t want to be the guy who ruins the night or someone’s moment,” he said. “At the same time, you have to be yourself. As comedians, we’re trying to make sure people are entertained. But, again, we’re living in a hypersensitive society. You don’t know where that line will ever be.” Sometimes it happens. It goes on from day to day.”

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The star discusses why he is changing his approach and compares the risks of delivering humor on a national stage these days to writing “an English paper”.

“You have your joke, then you look at the words and think about how you can replace them. Should I say ‘yo mama’ or ‘mama’? It’s about making sure the joke comes off like this.” that you say what you wanted to say – but not necessarily direct it at anyone in particular.”

On the other hand, the artist, whose real name is Cedric Antonio Kyles, said that sometimes it is more appropriate to be as specific as possible when telling jokes to a national audience.

“If you have to say something in particular, be even more specific. Make it about one person so it’s not a general joke. You have to be careful that you’re not making a general statement or a whole bunch of people jumping up.” Could Twitter and turn your life upside down,” he said.

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The 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards will be the second time in history that a lone African American will serve as the host. The first was Bryant Gumbel, the outlet notes. Cedric called the figure “ridiculous”, but is leaving the show with the hope that he will not only “create change” but also entertain the audience.

“The attitude you have about anything these days is that people have unlimited options for what to do with their time,” he said. “So if you turn up at the Emmys, I have to make it so you don’t want to change the channel.

“I see, the platforms I have, this idea of ​​leadership – a lot of people come to me to try to work. I don’t know when I became this kind of OG godfather, especially when it comes to Black It’s a comedian, but I want to make a difference. I want things to happen in this business. And I have a voice, so I’ll use that to see if I can make a difference. I just see myself as an artist. Used to watch as who’d perform and make peace.”

The 2021 Emmys will be held on September 19 in Los Angeles. This year, many streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+, hbo max, amazon prime video And Hulu Made several nominations.

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