Emmy viewers call out celebs for not wearing masks, social distancing at 2021 show


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Viewers noted that the stars who worked at the Emmys venue were exposed to COVID-19. a mask was worn to protect from

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The Emmys were slanted on social media as audiences noted the lack of coronavirus safety measures, especially masks.

The 2021 awards show was one of the first to return to the typical in-person format after more than a year of delayed and adjusted ceremonies like the Oscars and Golden Globes. Some stars in attendance on Sunday were seen wearing masks or following social distancing guidelines on the broadcast.


Although host Cedric the Entertainer noted on the broadcast that everyone in attendance had to show proof of vaccination, as well as test negative for COVID-19, stars like Seth Rogen came out swinging at the lack of requirements. He was not alone.

More than a year and a half after mulling over various mandates and guidelines designed to curb the spread of the coronavirus, many were upset to see A-list celebrities celebrate a celebration that didn’t include any of those things. It didn’t take long for viewers on Twitter to criticize the Emmys, as many of its stars hadn’t campaigned for the better part of nearly two years.

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Some noted that it was difficult to see A-list celebrities without masks, while their children are mandated to wear them for hours per day in schools to avoid a mass outbreak.

“Hollywood stars are currently sitting together without masks in a packed room at the Emmys … Meanwhile my fully vaccinated kids are forced to wear masks all day at school. What a ridiculous world we live in staying!” a user wrote.

“The kids at school are required to wear masks, but no masks for Amy?!?” interrogated another.

Others only called out the stars for their blatant disregard for the ongoing pandemic.

“Are the #Emmys pretending the pandemic is over? There’s no safety protocol. Masks, distancing? How many people are in that room?” a viewer wrote.

“Seth Rogen starts the Emmys by addressing the elephant in the room that no one is social distancing or wearing masks and everyone is essentially squeezed inside a giant tent,” another pair.

“You know, masks weren’t required at the Emmys tonight, based on how many girls wore red lipstick,” someone else added.

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“No masks are being worn inside The Emmys. Don’t be surprised, I love preaching but don’t practice what they preach…” Another user wrote.

“Is ‘Science’ the Reason Celebrities Don’t Need Masks at the Emmys, but All Hourly Employees Do?” someone else wrote.

“Hollywood thought they wouldn’t wear masks because no one watches #Emmys,” Another user wrote.

“No masks on the #Emmys because the rules are for the little guys,” someone else wrote.

“Why is it that only the “help” have to wear Amy’s mask? First it was the Met Gala. And now this. Looks like COVID-19 gives you a pass if you’re wearing black tie or a designer frock . Or maybe it’s just a rule for one group… and one for another,” Another conclusion drawn.

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