Elon Musk accuses Biden of being ‘biased’ against Tesla after White House snub: He’s ‘controlled by unions’


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Tesla CEO says Biden administration ‘not the friendliest’ while Psaki all but reaffirms unions’ central role in WH invitation

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk says the Biden administration appears to be “biased” against the electric vehicle maker, adding that the current White House is “controlled by unions.”

Musk shared his thoughts on Tuesday during an interview at the Code conference in California, recalling how President Joe Biden kicked Tesla out of his electric vehicle summit.

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He said “GM, Ford, Chrysler and [United Auto Workers],” the Tesla chief said, pointing out that the president “didn’t mention Tesla once, and praised GM and Ford for leading the EV revolution.”

“Is that voice maybe a little biased or something?” Musk said, as the audience laughed. “This is not the friendliest administration,” said the billionaire, adding that the Biden White House is “controlled by unions.”

Given Tesla’s status as the largest electric vehicle maker in America, the company’s condemnation of the Biden administration at the EV Summit went unnoticed by the media.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki was asked why Tesla was not dropped from the event last month, and she suggested it was because the company did not have a union.

jane saki

“Well, we, of course, welcome the efforts of all automakers who recognize the potential of an electric vehicle future and support those efforts that will help reach the President’s goal. And of course From now on, Tesla is one of those companies,” Saki said. “Today, it’s United Auto Workers’ three biggest employers, and UAW President Joe will stand with President Biden as he announces his ambitious new goal, but I don’t expect this to be the last time we’re going to have clean cars. Let’s talk about the move towards electric vehicles, and we look forward to having a range of partners in that effort.”

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When asked whether Tesla was pulled from the event because it was not unionized, Psaki noted again that attendees included “the three largest employers of the United Auto Workers,” adding, “I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.” “

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