Elijah Lewis remains found in Massachusetts: authorities discover 5-year-old’s body ‘buried in the ground’


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Officers spent hours searching for the missing New Hampshire boy between Friday evening and Saturday morning

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Massachusetts And new Hampshire Officers recovered the remains of 5-year-old Eliza Lewis on Saturday in Abington, Mass., according to Plymouth District Attorney Tim Cruz.

Officers searched for hours missing new Hampshire After receiving new information regarding the boy’s disappearance between Friday evening and Saturday morning.


“This morning, state police, a corpse dog and members of the Special Emergency Response Team found Elijah’s body believed to be buried in the ground,” Cruz said during a visit. Press conference. “I’m not going to go into the specifics of the crime scene or the way this boy’s body was found at this time.”

Cruz said officers found Lewis’s remains “in a wooded area of ​​Chestnut Street.”

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The investigation into Lewis’s death is active and ongoing.

The New Hampshire Division for Youth, Children and Families (DYCF) notified authorities of the unknown whereabouts of Eliza Lewis on October 14, according to the office of New Hampshire Attorney General John Formella, which said in an October 14 press release that Lewis was last seen. six months ago.

New Hampshire Boy, 5, last seen 6 months ago, never reported missing; Mother, man arrested in NYC

New York City Transit Authority officials arrested and arrested Lewis’s mother, Danielle Denise Dauphinés, 35, and Joseph Stapp, 30, on charges of witness tampering and child endangerment at Formella’s office in New York City on October 14. . said in a news release on Monday. There was no trace of the boy at the time of his arrest.

The pair reportedly told People they knew to lie about Lewis and where he was living, knowing that child protection services were looking for the boy.

The Attorney General’s Office said the Merrimack Police Department immediately began an investigation into Lewis’s whereabouts on October 14 “and was assisted by the New Hampshire State Police and the New Hampshire Justice Department later that day.”

“The authorities were not informed of Elijah’s disappearance prior to this time,” Formella’s office said.

In an October 14 press release, the attorney general’s office said that Lewis “was last seen by freedmen approximately six months ago.”

Officers are asking anyone with knowledge of the matter to contact the Merrimack Police Department’s crimeline at (603) 424-2424 or New Hampshire State Police Communications at (603) 223-4381 or (603) 628-8477 Huh.

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