Drew Barrymore spills on Lucy Liu and Bill Murray’s ‘Charlie’s Angels’ on-set clash


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Co-stars reportedly debate a new scene in the 2000 action comedy

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Drew Barrymore is finally addressing why her “Charlie’s Angels” co-stars Lucy Liu and Bill Murray reportedly haven’t gotten along.

The 46-year-old actress spoke about the incident Tuesday’s episode of “The Drew Barrymore Show” and explained his perspective on the events.


“Lucy is talking about her example with Bill Murray right now,” Barrymore began. “Do you want to know what happened? Do you want me to spill the tea?”

The “50 First Dates” star continued, “What really happened was Bill was just in one — you know, comedians can be a little black sometimes — and he just got into a bad mood.”

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Lucy Liu recalls feud with Bill Murray on set of ‘Charlie’s Angels’: ‘Unforgivable and unacceptable’

Barrymore continued, “You need to know how much Lucy stood up for herself and it was a big deal to come out of an unfortunate situation.” “She literally said, ‘I don’t accept this kind of behavior from you.’ And we all supported him and supported him and we moved on.”

Liu, Barrymore, and Cameron Diaz co-starred in the 2000 action film as three female private investigators, while Murray played their handler Bosley. He did not return for the 2003 sequel.

Back in July, Liu recalled his struggle with Murray. Los Angeles Times’ “Asian Enough” podcast. She said they were rehearsing a scene that was rewritten when Murray was away.

A Look at Bill Murray’s Celebrity Feuds: Chevy Chase, Lucy Liu and Beyond

“As we’re doing the scene, Bill starts to insult, and I won’t go into specifics,” Liu claimed. “But it kept going. I was like, ‘Wow, he looks like he’s looking straight at me.’”

“I say, ‘I’m so sorry, are you talking to me?’ And clearly he was, because then it started to become face-to-face communication,” she continued. “Some of the language was unforgivable and unacceptable, and I wasn’t going to sit there and take it.”

Liu said she lives by the golden rule – treat others the way you want to be treated. “No matter how low you are on the totem pole or wherever you come from, there’s no need to humiliate or put other people down. And I don’t stand down, and neither should I be,” she said.

Murray addressed his alleged behavior only vaguely in an interview. Times of London back in 2009.

“Look, if you’re unprofessional and working with me, I’ll sack you completely,” he said. “When our relationship is professional, and you’re not fulfilling it, forget it.”

Murray’s reps did not immediately return Granthshala News’ request for comment.

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