Discrepancies emerge as Alec Baldwin defends ‘Rust’ production, armorer from reported on-set strife


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Helena Hutchins’ death is being investigated to determine whether Baldwin, Hannah Gutierrez Reed, Dave Hall or anyone else should face charges

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As the investigation into the death of Helena Hutchins on the set of the film “Rust” continues, apparent discrepancies emerge between crew members and producers such as Alec Baldwin regarding the predetermined terms of the incident.

Baldwin, who was holding a gun that somehow fired a live round, resulting in the death of Hutchins and wounding director Joel Souza, didn’t say much about the shooting. He previously explained to photographers during a Q&A on the side of the road that he has been asked not to speak about the incident because investigators are still trying to determine what happened and whether any criminal charges will be filed.


However, he has shared some brief remarks on social media, in which he denies being guilty on the part of the production for the allegedly hasty and corner-cutting sets. He also joins those who believe assistant director Dave Hall is responsible for the incident. Hall was one of the very few people, including Armor Hannah Gutierrez Reid, who handled the gun before releasing the real bullet to Baldwin.

Santa Fe County Sheriff Adan Mendoza said the investigation would focus on those who had guns as well as figuring out how the live rounds made their way to the set. According to a search warrant previously executed by the Sheriff’s Department, Hall noted during an interview with detectives that he should have better examined the rounds in the gun after the gun was handed over by Gutierrez Reid, who also believed that it was a dummy. It was full of rounds. discharge.

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Guidelines for Guns on Movie Sets Show Clear Violation on Alec Baldwin’s ‘Rust’: Live Updates

Baldwin broke his Twitter silence shortly after these details came to light, retweeting an article that was critical of Hall’s handling of the gun and the fact that he did not inspect the ammunition properly. Was.

Hall’s attorney, Lisa Toraco, joined Granthshala News’ Martha McCallum for an interview on “The Story,” where she addressed the gun inspection and couldn’t close her client’s culpability.

“The idea that my client grabbed the gun and handed it to Baldwin didn’t happen at all,” she said, but later backtracked and dodged the question whether Halls handed the gun to Baldwin, despite McCallum. asked if Hall didn’t know if he handed the gun to Alec Baldwin.”

While Hall was reportedly one of the last people to handle the gun before it was gunned down and tasked with examining it before actually giving it to the actor, some believe that Gutierrez Reed took the ball. would also have been dropped. his lawyers noted during an interview On the “Today” show On Wednesday, he loaded the gun from a box of ammunition which should have only contained dummy rounds. Somehow, neither he nor Hall realized that the live rounds had been mixed.

“Rust” was only the second film in which 24-year-old Gutierrez Reid served as the sole arsenal, thus questioning his abilities. Her lawyers noted that she was also cast in the film as an assistant prop master, which she dilutes even more when it comes to doing due diligence on an allegedly hasty production. Speaking to the Los Angeles Times, veteran armorer Neil W. Zoromsky said that he job turned down Armor’s on “Rust” because he was also asked to do both and decided it wasn’t a good idea.

Alec Baldwin ‘inconsistent’ after shooting fatal ‘Rust’ movie set, ‘cancelling other projects’: report

Tuesday Evening Baldwin took to Instagram, where he shared a Facebook comment from costume professional Teresa Davis, who worked with him on the set of “Rust”. In it, she defends Gutierrez Reid’s abilities but notes that she was actually a novice.

Davis said that Armor “was an apprentice for a well-known Armourer and was in the same position on a similar film a few months earlier.”

The crew member acknowledged that Gutierrez-Reid is not “the most experienced person”, but insisted that his qualifications were “specific” to his production.

“We’ve all had first and second jobs at one point or another,” she said. “How do you suggest that the producers and UPMA sort out people who deserve to give that show from people who just look good on their resumes and have great references? Because Hannah had both.”

She said that “accidental discharge” appears to be “more common thank you, you think.” reference report Three pre-emergent discharge on-set.

Davis similarly defended Hall, claiming he was flipping about security protocols. However, he still put the blame on her feet for the incident. He noted that he “majorally screwed up that day” and was “the most horrible call he could.”

Regardless of whether Hall or Gutierrez Reid is solely responsible for the incident, the fact of the matter is that all of these issues on set fly in contrast to Baldwin’s previous statement that he was previously “a very, very well-oiled driver.” The team”. Hutchins’ death.

Shooting of ‘Jung’ film: MPs confiscated more arms, ammunition from the sets

In fact, it looks like it was far from it, a . According to recent report From Los Angeles Times. Hotel rooms and commute crew members were forced to move back to Albuquerque, New Mexico due to a lot of conflict on set and morale issues after reports of 12-hour shooting days.

It all culminated on the morning of the shoot when the camera crew reached the sets to collect their belongings before leaving for work. Gutierrez Reid’s lawyers said on the “Today” show that they are working on a theory that one of these disgruntled employees was responsible for bringing the rounds live in an attempt to sabotage the production they believe. He was abused.

Alec Baldwin has defended the making of the film

Jason Bowles alleged, “I believe that someone who wants to break the set, wants to prove a point and says they’re dissatisfied, they’re sad.” “We know that people left the sets a day ago and they are unhappy. And the reason they are sad is that they are working 12-14 hours, they were not given hotel rooms in and around the area , so they had to drive back and forth an hour to Albuquerque and they are unhappy.”

However, in Davis’ statement that Baldwin favored sharing it with her followers, she disputes claims that the crew was abused or not provided with reasonable accommodations.

“We had a union representative. They eventually told the production not to give the camera crew because they weren’t demanding things the union didn’t need and they wanted to renegotiate a contract in the middle of the shoot. We’re trying… it’s called a conversation in bad faith,” he wrote. “The production was allowed the following day to hire union overflow inventory for some of the camera crew.”

Alec Baldwin was the producer of the movie

It’s worth noting that Baldwin has a personal stake in shifting the blame from production on “Rust” because he is the producer as well as its star. Legal experts previously told Granthshala News that, although the district attorney has ruled out nothing, it is doubtful that Baldwin will face criminal charges related to the incident. However, as a producer, he is certainly open to civil litigation stemming from Hutchins’ death.

As a result, Baldwin publicly defended the production and a relatively novice arsenal, greatly diluted by two jobs on a hasty shoot, is not surprising. However, given the probable culpability of the Assistant Director in the incident, it is possible that this is also the truth of the matter.

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