DeSantis says Florida ports can help alleviate supply chain crisis: ‘We have capacity’


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DeSantis says Florida ports already operate round-the-clock and can handle more business

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Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is touting its state’s ports as a solution to help ease America’s ongoing supply chain crisis, offering them as an alternative to overwhelmed ports in other parts of the country.

At a Tuesday press conference at the port of Jaxport, known as Jaxport, DeSantis pointed to a backlog such as is currently happening in California, where both Los Angeles and Long Beach have a record number of ports. The ships were waiting to land on the first day.


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Last week, the White House said LA’s port had vowed to begin opening 24 hours a day, but the port has yet to set a timeline for when that might happen.

In contrast, Florida ports are already open at all hours and they can handle a lot more business than before, DeSantis says.

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“Our ports work 24/7, I mean, they should be anyway,” the governor said. “We in Florida have the ability to help alleviate these impasse and address problems with the supply chain.”

“We are here, we have the potential,” he insisted.

Governor said JAXPORT and others Florida Ports are further offering stimulus packages to businesses that want to send cargo through the facilities, noting that companies in other parts of the world have already resumed shipments from logjammed ports to Florida.

port of los angeles

DeSantis said that since he became governor in 2019, Florida has allocated nearly a billion dollars to port projects, and the state has also invested in freight and rail infrastructure – two other areas where labor shortages As such the hold-up is cited as part. Delay in moving cargo out of other ports.

“We are able to accommodate these ships without back-up, our ports are used for round-the-clock operations, they are used to carry cargo for American families, farmers and businesses, and we I think this is a good solution to our potential for some of the problems that you see across the country,” the governor said.

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