Debra Messing backtracks Kim Kardashian ‘SNL’ diss: ‘I apologize’


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The ‘Wedding Date’ star said she was confused whether the Kardashians had anything to promote

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Debra Messing is apologizing.

The 53-year-old actress made headlines in September when she questioned the “Saturday Night Live” decision she made in booking Kim Kardashian to host the show, despite the fact that she has nothing to promote as That’s what special celebrity hosts of the show usually do.


Almost two weeks after Kardashian’s appearance on the popular sketch comedy show — which received generally positive reviews from critics and fans — the “Will & Grace” alum is saying sorry.

During a remote appearance on “The Tamron Hall Show,” Messing said that when he put his question via Twitter, it didn’t mean anything negative.

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Debra Messing Calls Out ‘Saturday Night Live’ for Asking Kim Kardashian to Host

“I wasn’t intending to troll her and if anyone took it that way, I apologize,” she began. “That was never my intention.”

Messing continued, calling Kardashian a “phenomenon,” echoing her initial tweet in which she referred to the reality star as a “cultural icon.”

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“I’m someone who grew up with ‘SNL. I love comedy,’” Messing explained. “They have – for decades – this kind of formula [of inviting performers with something to promote to host] And I see that they have changed the formula.”

The star explained that she was questioning whether Kardashian had something to promote “a new TV show,” a movie or a book on the horizon.

“Nothing was coming to her, in fact her TV had just wrapped,” the actress said. “I was just confused. I thought: ‘I’ve been living under a rock. I don’t have my finger on the pulse of pop culture.’”

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Messing insisted she was asking if Kardashian had a new project to promote that she “wasn’t aware of because I’m focused on activism.”

“Clearly, it was interpreted differently,” she said of the tweet. “I saw him and I thought he was amazing and I was by his side.”

The “Smash” alum said she “constantly” supports and uplifts women and hopes “people understand that was never my intention.”

When the 40-year-old Kardashian was announced as one of the opening hosts for the current season, Messingo tweeted: “Why Kim Kardashian? I mean, I know she’s a cultural icon, but hosts on SNL are, usually, artists who are there to promote a movie, TV show or album launch. . Am I missing something?”

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