Dean Cain: Superman being bisexual in DC Comics is ‘bandwagoning’


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The actor played the Man of Steel in the 1993 TV show ‘Lois & Clarke’.

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Former Superman actor Dean Cain shares his thoughts on the recent revelation that DC Comics will reveal the new Superman to be bisexual.

The comic book publisher announced Monday that Lois Lane and Clark Kent’s son, John, who recently joined his father as Superman, will begin a relationship with a male friend in an upcoming issue.


Speaking on “Granthshala & Friends” Tuesday, Cain, who portrayed the Man of Steel for four seasons in the 1993 TV series “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman,” shared his thoughts on the idea, Given that he doesn’t believe that a bisexual Superman is anything particularly important.

“It’s hard for me to keep track of all the different Supermans and the different worlds and adventures in the comics,” Cain explained.

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The new Superman to be revealed as bisexual in an upcoming DC Comics issue

the new York Times noted that, while a number of comic book characters have appeared recently, including the latest iteration of Batman’s sidekick Robin, someone as high-profile as Superman marks a pivotal moment in comic history for the LGBTQ+ community.

“They said it’s a bold new direction. I say they’re on the bandwagon,” Cain said.

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He continued: “I don’t think it’s bold or brave or some crazy new direction. If he had done this 20 years ago, he probably would have been bold or brave. But brave forced him to fight for gay people’s rights.” Iran where they will throw you off a building for the crime of being gay.”

Since his debut, John Kent has been inspired to tackle real-world issues such as climate change and the deportation of refugees from metropolises.

Cain said, “Why don’t they fight the injustices that have created the refugees whose deportation they are protesting? That would be brave, I read this.” “Or fighting for the rights of women to go to school and work and live and not rape boys under the new hot and vague Taliban.”

He concluded: “There is real evil in this world today, real corruption and the accessibility of government… It would be great to tackle those issues. I want to see the character do that.”

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