David Marcus: Biden admin doublespeak – your handy guide to White House euphemisms


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George Orwell in his seminal novel ‘1984’ called this type of language doublespeak.

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Things are getting complicated these days in the capital of the country. Words we thought we knew their meanings are regularly rotated by the Biden administration for surprising things.

George Orwell in his seminal novel “1984” called such language doublespeak. That book is a warning, but Joe Biden and his ministers treat it like instructions from Ikea, which is beginning to resemble a particle board dictatorship.


So, for those keeping track, here is a brief glossary of words coined by our beloved leader.

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irregular migration

It just started a couple days ago and it’s a hoot. An irregular migrant is what we used to call an illegal alien, or undocumented immigrant. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has begun to use the term to convince us that there is no crisis at the southern border, just a set of challenges facing our system of irregular migration.

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It sets an interesting precedent. For example in San Francisco where stealing from CVS is the new civilian pastime, it may not actually be theft, it may be unregulated purchases.

You see, there is no moral condemnation in the word irregular, like do illegal, or do illegal, it’s not the norm at all. So what’s the big deal?

Beyond the horizon

Amid concerns that leaving Afghanistan to the whims of the Taliban, our country is inviting it to become a terror hub again, the White House gave us these pleasant words to allay those fears. It turns out that we have “over the horizon” abilities. It’s kind of like “somewhere over the rainbow”, except that most drone strikes are meant to kill innocent people, including children.

turn back

This Biden White House classic is usually employed by Jen Psaki, when she has no intention of ever answering a perfectly reasonable question. The White House informs us that they will circle back to avoid ridiculous questions, such as how many Americans are still in Afghanistan, how many “irregular migrants” have been allowed into the country, or how many successful COVID cases have been reported in the White House. have come. .

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human infrastructure

When we think of infrastructure we mean roads, bridges, airports. But it turns out that you and I are also infrastructure. It’s not like we can lie across the river while an 18-wheeler rolls on our backs, it’s like Kalyan. It seems that handing out checks to people doing nothing also requires infrastructure. And for just $3.5 trillion the great DC Leviathan will turn all of us into the infrastructure we need. Why get paid for work when you can get paid for not working? Why take responsibility for your life when the government can take care of you forever?

epidemic of the uninfected

Remember the good old days, like four months ago when COVID vaccines were supposed to bring us back to normalcy? Just get the jab and it will be the 1990s again. Sadly it didn’t really work. This is because vaccinated people can still contract and spread the virus. And yet, in classic Orwellian fashion, the White House is still pushing the idea that we have an unvaccinated epidemic.

The best thing about this word is that it creates bad people. We can blame the Trumps who like the anti-science rubbish for all of our problems, while ignoring the low vaccination rates in our urban black communities. It makes everything so much easier. And after all, that’s exactly what DoubleSpeak is for.

I recommend printing this column, maybe laminated so that it’s easier whenever the White House starts spouting these nonsense words to lie to you. But maybe lying is a very harsh word. Maybe Biden and his band of bungalows are just telling you the random truth.

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