Dave Bautista shares pic of nose broken by Daniel Craig while filming ‘Spectre’


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Craig also broke his leg during the filming of the 2015 film

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Dave Bautista is showing his battle scars.

The 52-year-old actor shared a picture of himself with a broken nose on Twitter earlier this week.


Despite his previous career in WWE, Bautista sustained an injury while on the set of the James Bond flick “Spectre” starring Daniel Craig.

The image came in response to a tweet from movie news outlet Fandom, which recalled that Bautista’s nose was broken by Craig while filming a scene for the film.

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Shop shared a quote Craig revealed the incident, saying: “I heard this crack. And I went ‘Oh my god no!’ and ran away, because I thought he would follow me.”

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In his selfie from the time, Bautista looked dead at the camera, although his nose was noticeably crooked and his shirt collar and tie also looked a bit disorganized.

“I dug it” He pic. written with. “I did it right after I cleaned it.”

He added a laughing emoji to his post, which appears to be laughing at the incident and shows that there is no bad blood between him and his former co-star.

“Spectre” was released in 2015 and featured Bautista as an assassin named Mr. Hinks, who is employed by an organization of terrorists. Hinks encounters Bond several times in the film.

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Notably, the actor says only one word throughout the film – a four-letter one.

“I thought it would be great if he never spoke,” said Bautista. Yahoo in 2016.

The line – “S–T” – comes moments before her character is thrown from the car of a moving train, possibly killing her.

“The talk of the conversation was the constant conversation [throughout production]The former WWE star revealed. “And often a joke. Like we’d say it in jest, ‘What if he never spoke?’… Or I thought it would be great if right before he spoke, then he was removed. And then we went back and forth, and [director Sam Mendes] thought for a minute that maybe Hinks would actually say something Intense. [We came up with something] Really deep, but it didn’t fit the scene at all.”

Craig also broke his leg during the shooting of the film.

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