CVS Health training tells employees to ‘understand their privilege’ and hire based on diversity


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Employees were asked to ‘understand their privilege’ and to hire and promote diverse candidates

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A recording from within the confines of CVS Health Corporation shows that CVS employees were pressured to create a “personal commitment plan” to “reduce bias” to receive “aware training”.

“Understanding our privileges and how to take advantage of them so we can support others is a critical component in being an active partner,” CVS employees were told on an online call obtained by Granthshala Business.


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“Allies are the act of advocating as well as supporting communities other than our own,” the instructor said. “So being a collaborator means that we are aware of our own identity as well as the mutual identities of others. We are recognizing and actively reducing bias, and we are modeling inclusive leadership behavior. are.”

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At another point in the recording, employees were asked to fill out a “personal commitment plan”, in which they pledge to “take specific actions” to “reduce bias” and “practice conscious inclusion”, the next. In five days, five weeks and five months.

“Making those measurable commitments is an important step in really making sure that you are moving forward in this journey,” the instructor told staff. “Wherever you are in the journey currently. We all have room to grow.”

Granthshala Business also obtained slides from the presentation, with instructions on how to carry out a “collaboration”, which includes “trying to learn about and understand the needs of marginalized people.”

CVS Workshop asks employees to hold each other ‘accountable’ for ‘non-inclusive’ acts

Another slide instructs employees in leadership roles to “source diverse talent” and “prioritize fostering diverse talent.” Additionally, the slide states that senior directors and above will “formally or informally advise a diversified advisor over a year.”

audio tape a. comes on the heels of report good From journalist Christopher Rufo, who received CVS health training, which asked CVS employees to reflect on their identities — including race, gender, sexuality and religion — and then on their “privileges” during discussions with coworkers. According to Rufo, “Examples of privilege, per a checklist, include ‘celebrate'[ing] Christmas,” have[ing] A name that’s easy to pronounce, “feel”[ing] safe in your neighborhood at night,’ and ‘feel'[ing] I believe in my leadership style.’”

Additionally, Rufo’s report stated that employees were asked to acknowledge their “white privilege”.

Last month, Granthshala Business reported that CVS Health is conducting a “conscious inclusion workshop” which aims to teach employees How to hold each other “accountable” for non-inclusive behaviors.

An internal email obtained by Granthshala Business shows David Casey, SVP of workforce strategies and chief diversity officer, discussing the four-week program. The first three weeks consisted of 20–30 minutes of self-study per week, leading to a two-hour virtual workshop in the fourth.

In the email, Casey continues to outline the various skills employees will build during the fourth week of the workshop. They included learning to “identify unconscious bias in your day-to-day interactions and experiences”, “demonstrating bravery by speaking up and having difficult conversations while observing non-inclusive behaviors” and “holding yourself and your partners consistently accountable”. Committed to “Embrace all forms of diversity and take swift action against non-inclusive practices.”

CVS Health did not immediately respond to Granthshala Business’ request on the recently acquired audio, but said in a statement last month that the new workshop was “part of our nearly $600 million commitment to address racial inequality.”

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