COVID-19: What is the delta plus variant?


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Scientists are monitoring new coronavirus variants

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What is the “Delta Plus” version?

it is a relative of delta version, identified by British scientists last month.


Because it is not a variant of interest or concern, it is not yet officially named after a letter in the Greek alphabet, like other worry forms.

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Scientists are monitoring a version related to Delta – known as AY.4.2. – To see if it can spread more easily or be more deadly than previous versions of the coronavirus. In a recent report, UK officials said this variant accounts for 6% of all analyzed COVID-19 cases in the country and is “on an increasing trajectory.”

The variant contains two mutations in the spike protein, which helps the coronavirus to invade the body’s cells. François Balloux, director of the Genetics Institute at University College London, said these changes have been seen in other versions of the virus since the pandemic began, but have not gone far enough.

In a public session this week the World Health Organization’s technical chief on COVID-19, Maria Van Kerkhove, said the delta version “is by far the most prominent version in terms of global prevalence”.

“Delta is dominant, but delta is evolving,” she said, adding that the more the virus spreads, the more likely it is to mutate.

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The United Nations health agency is tracking 20 variants of the delta variant. AY.4.2 “is one to watch because we have to constantly monitor how this virus is changing,” van Kerkhove said.

In the US, the Delta variant is responsible for almost all COVID-19 cases. Health officials said the new “Delta Plus” version has been seen “on occasion”, but it is not yet a concern.

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