COVID-19 restrictions could force 43% of caregivers to give up their jobs


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Taking care of children or parents while working is overwhelming

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A new Fidelity investment study finds COVID-19 The restrictions are taking a toll on those who are working while taking care of their loved ones like Parents or children, and 43% of working caregivers may be forced to choose between their jobs and their household responsibilities in the next year.

Nearly half of the carers surveyed said they couldn’t handle another year like they did last year, and 42% of the child caregivers responded that they would not return to school or their professional child care situation. The future will “fall apart” as pandemic restrictions continue.


Millions of workers stay home to watch over young children as day cares struggle

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Stacey Watson, senior vice president of life event planning at Fidelity Investments, said, “Caring has become increasingly complex over the years, placing disproportionate weight on many women, who often bear the brunt of family caregiving duties. ” “While two-thirds of caregivers say the emotional toll is their heaviest burden, it may be because so many Americans are trying their best to juggle both caregiving and work. For some, both are too much to handle. Could be more.”

The October 2021 American Caregivers Study was a follow-up to the company’s earlier Caregivers Survey released in May. “A lot has been happening and evolving over the past six months, not least of which are the evolving COVID-19 challenges and the huge exodus we are seeing in the workplace, so we want to see if the attitudes of caregivers change as well. Gone,” Watson explained.

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Forty percent of working caregivers reported many of the challenges they faced while staying in the workforce, needing to take more time off, being distracted at work and feeling unable to pursue promotions because of the extra load. citing conflicts such as.

Roughly 58% of caregivers felt they didn’t have time to address their mental health as well as their responsibilities to care for loved ones – and Watson says it gets worse over the holidays could.

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“While the upcoming holidays may be a time of joy, for caregivers, the weather also brings an increased burden,” Watson told Granthshala Business. “On top of the caregiving responsibilities, many people will find themselves in charge of creating special family moments, making the task of juggling more stressful.”

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