COVID-19 Live Updates: U.S. states ration healthcare, global cases rebound


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live update

Western US states are being hit hard by the delta COVID version, with major hospitals starting to ration the services they provide as virus patients occupy multiple floors and soldiers brought in for support staff goes.

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In Idaho, public health leaders announced a statewide rationing of care services, with only emergency treatments available. Similar measures are in place in separate hospital areas in Alaska and Montana.

Around the world, South Korea is in the grip of a major COVID wave, China has vaccinated more than one billion of its citizens, several European countries are introducing COVID passes, and the UK is set to announce the easing of international travel restrictions. ready for


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‘Extraordinarily challenging times’: Scottish hospitals and care homes deal with COVID surge

These are exceptionally challenging times for #care homes in Scotland. we have the largest number #covid The outbreak since February and, sadly, the highest number of deaths since March. Please do everything you can to support your local care home residents and workforce.

— Donald Macaskill (@DrDMaskill) September 17, 2021

10 states to face health care rationing in coming weeks

Intensive care unit beds are filling between 90 percent and 100 percent capacity in some places and many hospitals are being forced to consider implementing “crisis standards of care,” which are the last step to prioritize patients. Remedy systems are considered, those who are most likely to survive. Ration to disaster situation and dwindling hospital resources available.

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Idaho is so far the only state to implement statewide “crisis standards of care” — but Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Kentucky, Texas and Arkansas all have 10 percent or less of their ICU beds available.

Read more: Hospitals in 10 states are at or near crisis level since the delta variant boom

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Several US states are deciding whether to ration healthcare from next week as the number of COVID patients affects their ability to provide other services. Elsewhere, thousands of military personnel across the country are now assisting hospital workers.

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