Couple sells their dream home to travel around Scotland in a van


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Victoria McDonald and Scott Ross say they don’t regret their decision to move into the van

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The couple decided to leave their dream home to live in the van.

Victoria Macdonald, 28, and Scott Ross, 32, originally bought their 3-bedroom villa in the Scottish village of Cruden Bay in June 2016 for approximately $135,449.90 (£100,000).


McDonald told SWNS that the home was historic and included a ballroom and double room basement, but ultimately, it was too big for the couple.

“It was a dream home when we bought it, but we never settled,” Macdonald told the news agency. “We both decided to move on from the house because it was too big.”

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Demand prices for homes hit an all-time high in September despite coolant market cues.

McDonald said that at first he and Ross didn’t know where they wanted to go. Eventually, he thought of living a more nomadic lifestyle.

“We came up with the idea to get in a van and do our job on the road,” McDonald said. “So that’s exactly what we did.”

The couple put their home on the market in March and within three days, they sold it for around $197,756.85 (£146,000).

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According to SWNS, McDonald and Ross purchased a Citron Relay 2016 campervan for approximately $17,608.49 (£13,000) and spent two months renovating it, with the renovation costing approximately $13,544.99 (£10,000).

“It was horrible. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I didn’t enjoy the conversion process,” Macdonald said. “It took a couple of weeks, but no matter how much you plan for it, you don’t realize how much you need to do until you get right into the rough of it. “

Now, his van has a Swedish oven, solar panels, a full kitchen including a fridge and storage for food and a solar bath.

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Around the same time that they bought their dream home, both MacDonald and Ross’ careers underwent significant changes.

At the time, McDonald was suffering from depression while working as a purchasing administrator in the oil and gas industry, while Ross was working in ground operations for a heliport company before being injured on the job.

After leaving his job, he decided to start a blog about his love of travel, which turned into an online marketing travel company and eventually led to a job with VisitScotland, according to SWNS.

“I was sick with depression, so I quit my job, and around the same time, Scott injured his back, so had to take a break,” Macdonald told SWNS. “During our time away from work, we came up with ideas for websites and blogs, and just went for it.”

“Our friends weren’t surprised and our family was the same, no one was massively surprised,” Macdonald said. “We haven’t had nine to five lives in years.”

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Now that they are living in a van and traveling to Scotland with their two dogs, Cole and Callie, Macdonald said that he and Ross are doing much better and love their canine lifestyle.

“I was on antidepressants for four years and now I’ve been off them since we started our new lives,” Macdonald said. “Scott’s back is getting stronger, because of the amount of exercise he does every day.”

“There’s something about being so deeply involved in nature,” he said. “I wake up every day to an incredible view from my window … We haven’t missed or regretted selling the house since we hit the road.”

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