Costco warns customers over delays on essential household item


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Costco buyers may see a ‘little delay’ in toilet paper

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Costco Wholesale Having trouble fulfilling a toilet paper order.

The subscription-only warehouse retail chain is issuing a warning to customers who have purchased common household items online, saying they may face delays in receiving their orders.

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“Due to the increased volume, you may notice a slight delay in the processing of this order,” Costco’s customer service team said in a purchase order confirmation email seen by Granthshala Business.

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The retailer noted that the company is “working to get everything done as quickly as possible” and that customers will receive a follow-up email with tracking information once an order has been shipped.

The warning notice comes after the company indicated it would reinstate purchase limits at some of its store locations as customers reportedly stock up on merchandise once again – mimicking the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic last year. Happened.

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The retailer already addressed the situation a warning on its website, noting that “some warehouses may have temporary item limits on select items.”

The company declined to specify which products were affected. However, reports of shortage of products ranging from toilet paper, paper towels to water from some places had surfaced on social media platforms in recent weeks.

Costco refunds purchase limits for certain items amid rising outbreak of COVID-19

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Also earlier this month, the largest US manufacturer of toilet paper and paper towels – Procter & Gamble Company. – According to the Wall Street Journal, announced that it was forced to increase production due to effort and increased demand.

Granthshala Business’ Thomas Barrabee contributed to this report.

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