Conservative group launches multi-million dollar push to derail Dems’ $3.5 trillion spending plan


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Conservative group targets vulnerable representatives over Democrats’ $3.5 trillion spending plan

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Unique – A well-known conservative anti-tax group is aiming for a massive $3.5 trillion spending package that would support President Biden and Democrats Those who control both houses of Congress aim to pass along party lines.

Club for Growth is going through 10 congressional districts with a major advocacy ad blitz targeting the Democrat package, which the group portrays as “out-of-control spending” that will fuel further inflation. And the ads, first shared with Granthshala News on Wednesday, zero in on what the group calls a “$3 trillion tax hike proposed by Democrats.”


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Club for Growth says it will spend $300,000 running commercials on TV and digital for a week starting Thursday. But they do highlight that the spot will be the first phase of a $2 million effort to oppose Democrats’ broader social spending package, which House Speaker Nancy Pelosic Insisting on getting it passed by the House by the end of the month.

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“Nancy Pelosi and Stephanie Murphy pick their pockets. Their spending spree has led to record inflation, driving up prices and eating into value paychecks,” narrators in a commercial running in the District of Florida’s Democratic Rep. Stephanie Murray (FL) is charged with. -07).

What’s the Tax Increase in the Democrats’ Spending Plan

“Now they’re pushing a scam they call reconciliation. It’s actually a $3 trillion tax increase that could cost your family $8,200. And experts warn that its high investments tax your retirement savings.” can affect,” argues the narrator. “Remind Murphy that she works for you. Tell her to stop Nancy Pelosi’s tax scam.”

In addition to Murphy, the ads will run in the districts of eight other House Democrats, who could face a challenging election next year, when the GOP needs a net gain of just five seats to secure a majority in the chamber it lost in the 2018 midterm. they are representative Caroline Bordeaux Georgia’s (GA-07), Henry Cuellaro of Texas (TX-28), Jared Golden Main (ME-02), Vicente Gonzalez of Texas (TX-15), Josh Gottheimer of New Jersey (NJ-05), Susie Lee of Nevada (NV-03), Abigail Spanberger of Virginia (VA-07) and phylmon vela of Texas (TX-34).

Biden Tax Plan Calculator: How Much Will You Pay Under the New Proposals?

The tenth ad will run in the Republican district Representative Adam Kizinger Illinois (IL-16), one of the most famous of the 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach then-President Trump earlier in the year. On January 6, the US Capitol was targeted by right-wing extremists to disrupt Congress. Authentication of now-President Biden’s electoral victory.

Kizinger voted against a $1.9 trillion COVID relief package passed by Congress earlier this year and signed into law by Biden, and last month he opposed the House Democrats’ spending plan blueprint. But he continues to support a $1 trillion infrastructure package, which garnered bipartisan support in passing the Senate and cleared an early hurdle in the House.

With ads, Club for Growth’s PAC released Wednesday new voting It suggests that what it calls “Biden’s far-left tax and spending proposal” will hurt Democrats in the midterms of next year.

“Under Joe Biden, the Democratic Party has lost a significant base with voters,” David McIntosh, president of the Club for Growth PAC, said in a statement to Granthshala Ness. “His disparaging leadership on Afghanistan and education, along with his proposals for $3 trillion in social engineering, climate, voting, and new taxes, will likely cost his party the House in 2022.”

Pergram: Democrats can sabotage the spending bill

Democrats aim to pass their comprehensive spending package with a simple majority in both houses, using a legislative rule known as conciliation, which gives them the 60 votes they need in the Senate to avoid a Republican filibuster. allows to escape.

Democrats’ measure would include nearly all key elements of the president’s American Family Plan, including the creation of a national comprehensive paid family and medical leave program, funding for free universal preschool for 3- and 4-year-olds, and free community college. Are included. For all students. It also expands the number and amount of Pell grants, expands the child tax credits that were included in the COVID relief package, and funds several clean energy programs. The measure also provides funding to expand Medicare coverage for hearing, vision and dentistry, and to tackle climate change.

To pay for their plan, Democrats are calling for tax increases on corporations and the wealthiest earners, as well as strengthening the IRS to crack down on those who cheat or underreport their taxes. Paying. If it becomes law, the measure would become the largest extension of the federal government’s social safety net in several decades.

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Pelosi praised the spending package, saying it would make a “bold, necessary investment in our values ​​as a nation.”

Bernie Sanders, the progressive champion of Vermont, who successfully drove the spending blueprint through the Senate, said that if the measure becomes law, it will “restore the confidence of the American people in the belief that we can have a government like this.” What works for all of us, and not just a few.”

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